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This Cool Geo Lacing Toy for Kids Builds Fine Motor Skills

This geo shape lacing toy helps kids solidify shapes while developing fine motor skills. An educational toy that allows kids to learn through play.

This educational lacing toys helps kids learn shapes and develop fine motor skills.

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I love fine motor skills toys, so  I was happy to receive this Geo Shape Lacing Toy to review. Lacing toys are great for building fine motor skills and developing spatial reasoning skills, and this one looked especially lovely. I also thought that my five-year-old daughter Anna would love it!

Our favorite lacing toy for kids!

I was right! Anna loves goofing around with the see-through colored plastic centers of the different shapes. Looking through the board gave Anna the idea of making a face.

I love the way this lacing toy also encourages creative thinking

She posed for a photo with her completed masterpiece, then moved on to her next design: a house. Another success!

Creative lacing toy helps kids learn through play

This lacing toy comes with a booklet featuring ideas kids can make to start them off. The board and differently colored laces provide plenty of flexibility for all sorts of creative ideas.

A Very Cool Lacing Toy for Kids

This geo shape lacing set is a great opportunity for kids to work on developing fine motor skills, while also developing shape awareness. It’s very portable, making it great for travel and playful learning on the go.

The best lacing toy for kids

More Shapes Learning Fun for Kids

Extend the shapes learning with these fun shape based activities for kids:

This post features some of our favorite kindergarten fine motor activities. You can also let kids try sewing designs on paper or simple felt creations after completing the lacing portion of this activity.

Have you seen this lacing toy before? What would your kids think of it? What are your favorite shape or fine motor activities for kindergartners?

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