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GB Ellum Stroller Review (sponsored post)

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central for GB. I received a gift card to purchase a GB stroller to both facilitate my review as well as thank me for my participation.

The new GB Ellum stroller - approved by my toddler

I ADORE strollers – it’s one of the things I am famous/infamous for among my real-life friends (and family). So today I am thrilled to be reviewing the new lightweight GB Ellum stroller – and, as you can tell from the photo, 23-month-old Anna was equally thrilled!

All of my children have inherited my stroller mania, actually! They thoroughly enjoyed coming along with me to Babies R Us to purchase the stroller, and were eager to open the box as soon as we got home:

opening the GB Ellum stroller

There are a few things I look for in my strollers:

  • Comfortable for the baby/toddler
  • Great maneuverability
  • Easy fold/unfold
  • Easy push
  • Storage space

This stroller meets all of these criteria! I ran it over dead grass, live grass, tree bark, and mud with no issues. The stroller was also very stable. Some of the lightweight strollers can be easily tipped by exuberant siblings; this one does not have that problem. It has a small footprint, which makes it great for maneuvering small shops and narrow sidewalks. The one thing I would tell parents to be aware of is that the seat is in a fairly relaxed recline even in its most upright position. Anna loves this, and chills out as soon as I strap her in, but some children might prefer a more upright seat.

GB Ellum stroller review - lightweight and works as a travel system

Don’t be fooled by the small footprint – this is a stroller that will definitely grow with your child! It can work as a travel system (with the Chicco Keyfit and Graco Snugride infant seats), and there is plenty of space for Anna to grow – even though, at 23 months, she is the same height as several of her three-year-old friends! Tall almost-five-year-old Lily can easily fit into this seat. The basket looks small, but it holds a surprisingly large amount of stuff, although you do have to access it from the front (by lifting up the leg rest – easily done).

Lightweight strollers - the GB Ellum

The stroller fold is one of my favorite features! See the text in the bottom of the seat? There is a red pull bar just below the text. To fold the sit, you kick up the middle of the back bar and then pull on the strap. The stroller locks in place so that it can stand on its own while folded. To unfold, simply release the latch, open the stroller, and press down on the rear center bar to lock the stroller in the open position.

Reviewing the GB Ellum lightweight stroller - love the canopy

This photo shows the removable cup holder (rear right). I know this is important to a lot of parents. I don’t particularly like cup holders (I find them bulky), so I was glad that this one was removable. It also showcases the generous canopy (only partially unfolded in this photo) as well as the plush strap covers, which are very comfy and soft.

I even included a video to showcase the fold and canopy, which are difficult to share using photos.

What features do you look for in a stroller?

I was sent a gift card to purchase this stroller. All opinions are my own. You can learn more about the GB Ellum and other GB products by following them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

16 thoughts on “GB Ellum Stroller Review (sponsored post)”

  1. Great review MaryAnne! I don’t have too many regrets but I do regret not getting a good lightweight stroller like this. I suffered with cheapo umbrella strollers.

    1. Thanks, Ann! A good stroller makes a huge difference! I have back problems and have been extremely grateful for good strollers over the years!

  2. This looks like a great stroller. I don’t like how our 4-wheel strollers move over bumps. This one sounds much better.

    1. This one has a great ride, particularly considering that it is a lightweight stroller! I like the handlebar, too (didn’t mention that in my review).

  3. Awesome timing! Great review! We’re looking for a 5-pt harness light-weight stroller that can grow with our infant and go on walks home from school (over dirt and smaller bumps/obstacles). I just learned that our travel system stroller doesn’t fit in the car that I use regularly (though it fits in our smaller car, sigh). Miss Baby J loves being upright, so this stroller may not be best for her. I’m going to do some internet research and then possible test riding at Babies R Us to see which one we like best, but this will go on our “to investigate” list. Thanks!

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