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Rubber Band Helicopter STEM Activity for Kids

Rubber band helicopters are easy and fun to make. Learn how you can make one a home, and learn tips to really make them fly! Explore more STEM themed fun for kids.

Rubber band helicopters are easy and fun to make. Learn how you can make one a home, and learn tips to really make them fly! #STEMed #homeschool #stemactivity #kidsactivities

I am always looking for fun STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities for my kids. I was thrilled when Galileo Camps sent me this fun rubber band helicopter kit.

making a rubber band helicopter

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Besides being fun, puzzles are an often overlooked educational tool. I’ve used puzzles to teach my children about the world. I also love using 4D Cityscape Time puzzles in our history lessons, as they allow children to see how historical events shape cities and countries.

I believe in hands on learning wherever possible, in all school subjects. So when I was offered the chance to review three new Dr. Livingston human body jumbo learning puzzles, I said yes. I knew these puzzles would be fantastic for teaching my children about the human body.

Using Puzzles to Teach Children About the Human Body

Update: This post used to include four printable activities, provided by Galileo. Sadly, Galileo has removed their printable. However, you can find simple rubber band helicopter kits on Amazon.

What Are Galileo Camps?

Galileo Camps are known in the Bay Area where we live as some of the best educational summer camps for kids from Pre-K through 8th Grade. Galileo Camps encourage kids to brainstorm and think like innovators through a variety of hands-on projects and activities.

My 4th grader is going to camp this summer. Several of our friends go every year, and highly recommend the experience.

Camp Galileo Discount Code 2022

Use code SMILES15 to get 15% off one week of camp, per child. Code expires at the end of August 2022. Click here to register for camp.

How to Make a Rubber Band Helicopter

flying a rubber band helicopter

I had seen videos of this type of rubber band helicopter before, but we had never made one until I was working on this post!

If you really want to make your helicopter fly, the key is to wind it up really well. Then hold it as straight as you can for lift-off!

rubber band helicopter activity from Galileo Camps

It is pretty amazing when it works, and a particularly cool experiment for my kids since my brother is a helicopter pilot!

STEM fun flying a rubber band helicopter

You can see a few of our launches in this little video! The first one was pretty typical of our results. The second is a dud launch, and the third was one of our best!

Have you ever made a rubber band helicopter? Have your kids gone to any Galileo Camps?

Rubber band helicopters are easy and fun to make. Learn how you can make one a home, and learn tips to really make them fly! #STEMed #STEAM #STEMkids #kidsactivities #engineering #edchat #homeschool

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  1. Wow what a cool experiment! I have heard about Galileo because they’re here in LA but we’re going with the same org that handles my son’s after school care. Sounds like a fun camp though!

  2. Oh my goodness, my kids will love this helicopter. The boys are going to their usual summer camp. I looked at one for Princess for that week, but the theme for that week is one she’d hate, and the activity she actually wanted to do was going to be for less than an hour a day and was an extra charge, so…….. Pass on that one.

  3. Natalie PlanetSmartyPants

    My 8 year old is certainly looking forward to her Galileo Camp this summer. She will do Maker’s Week and Camp Everest. This helicopter looks fun, and Anna is so precious in the video.

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