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Fun Halloween Crafts for Kids

Cute Halloween crafts for kids

My kids made these fun Halloween crafts last year in school, and I took photos because I thought it would be fun to share them this year – they were too cute to keep to myself!

Fun Halloween Crafts for Kids

Johnny made the candy corn guy shown above in first grade. I love the texture of the torn paper, and the accordion-folded arms and legs! This guy hung out on our wall for a while!

Quick and easy Halloween crafts for kids

This Q-tip cat was made by Lily in kindergarten. The Q tips create a skeletal feel that is very Halloween appropriate. I love that she drew a butterfly on her paper – she dressed up as a butterfly for Halloween that year!

Fun Halloween crafts for kids

These negative space handprint ghosts are probably my favorite from last year – also made by Lily as a kindergartner. The ghost was a tracing of her hand – her thump and pinky are the arms. Once she had cut a ghost out of both black and white paper, they were glued onto the opposite color.

Halloween isn’t a holiday that I spend a lot of time on (apart from sometimes making costumes), but we have had a lot of fun making self-inflating ghost balloons, walls of pumpkins, and jack-o-lantern chains.

What are your favorite Halloween crafts for kids? Share them on my Facebook page, or tag me on Instagram!

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  1. I love the crafts that come home from school and kindergarten is the best! Taking photos is a great idea too since it is impossible to keep everything.

  2. Now that we are living back in South Africa, I don’t think about Halloween. It’s not celebrated here at all. I love all your kiddos crafts, though!

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