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Ghost Balloons! Fun Halloween Science for Kids

Turn a science experiment classic into the ultimate Halloween science for kids experience! More Halloween science fun for kids at the end of this post.

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Halloween science experiment

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Recognize this post? I’m sharing it again today along with other fun hands-on Halloween activities for kids from friends!

Ghost Balloons! Halloween Science for Kids

Turn a science experiment classic into the ultimate Halloween science for kids experience with these ghost balloons! #Halloween Science for Kids #kidsactivities #scienceforkids #STEMed

Ghost balloons make easy Halloween science for kids! – all you need is a water bottle, balloon, Sharpie pen, vinegar, and baking soda! This is a fantastic Halloween science experiment for groups – check out the group photo from enjoying this experiment with my son’s second grade class below! Last year a friend and I ran this experiment for at least 100 kids as part of the kids’ noon science program at school.

Halloween Activity for Kids: Self-inflating Halloween Ghost

Draw a ghost face on the balloon, and fill it with about 1 Tablespoon of baking soda. Fill the water bottle with about half a cup of vinegar. Attach the balloon to the top of the water bottle, lift the balloon so that the baking soda falls into the water bottle, and watch the magic happen!

Halloween ghost balloons science activity for kids

This activity is a great one for large groups of kids! My son’s second grade class made these fun ghost balloons.

How Do Halloween Ghost Balloons Work?

Science Magic: Self-inflating Halloween Ghost

The two household chemicals, baking soda and vinegar, create carbon dioxide when mixed.

These process photos were taken using a pink balloon for three-year-old Lily. The pink-ness makes it a particularly friendly ghost, I think. :)

Halloween Science - fun activity for kids

Emma used our small camera to capture the entire thing on video:

Halloween science for kids

Which we’ve uploaded to Youtube! Enjoy!

Here are some fun twists on this activity:

Turn a science experiment classic into the ultimate Halloween science for kids experience!

More Hands-on Halloween Science Activities for Kids

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  1. We aren’t big Halloween people, but my son is strangely obsessed with all the ghosts and skeletons he sees. I see him loving this project!

  2. Clever idea mama! I’m featuring it this week on Tuesday Tots so if you collect featured buttons, you’re welcome to grab one of mine. Thanks so much for linking it up :D

  3. Awesome idea! It’s been a year since we did this experiment (non-ghosty), so it’ll be fun to see J’s excitement for the experiment again and have something new, Halloween related (that’s not messy or sugary). I might steal the idea for a Halloween post. I’ll link back up to you, for sure.

  4. Susie B. Homemaker

    That looks fun and super easy to do. My oldest is 7 years old and loves doing science experiments so I know she’d enjoy this one. :)

  5. Two Chicks and a Hen

    We’ve done this experiment, but not in a long time, and *certainly* not as a ghost. My kids are going to love this!

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