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Fun Hairdos: Pin Curls!

pin curls

Emma has been wanting to try pin curls ever since she read about them in one of the American Girl doll books that she borrowed from the library (I think it was one of the Molly books). So this week we gave it a go – dividing her hair into sections while it was still wet, twisting them, and pinning them up with bobby pins.

Emma is used to hair that lays straight, and she was really surprised at how much curly hair poufs out! She brushed it out before she would let me take a picture, but you can still see the pin curls above her left ear, especially.

brushed out pin curls

Lily decided she wanted pin curls, too! At three years old, she is not nearly as patient as seven-year-old Emma, so her curls are much looser, and only divided into three sections instead of four. Her hair was also dry, so we spritzed it with a little water using a spray bottle.

loos pin curls

Lily’s hair has some curl to it naturally, so even with just a little water the pin curls held nicely. Lily’s curls came out looser than Emma’s because we pinned larger sections and didn’t twist it as much.

loose pin curl curls

Usually my girls aren’t interested in doing much with their hair, so I really enjoyed this – and Lily especially was thrilled with the results! Emma didn’t like the puffiness of it, so tonight we tried braids for a less voluminous look. I think it looks pretty adorable!


Do you have a favorite easy, kid-friendly hairdo for us to try?

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19 thoughts on “Fun Hairdos: Pin Curls!”

  1. Fun! You could even wear the pin curlers for a Princess Leia look!
    My daughter got an American girl doll book about hair too so we have been trying lots of different do’s. We like to do braids at bed time for kinky hair in the morning.

  2. My 5th grader is obsessed with Cute Hair Styles.com videos which has hundreds of ideas for hair including lots of complex braids. My favorite hair style for the girls is ponytail. It’s easy and helps to keep the lice at bay.

  3. My girls usually don’t like having hair-do’s done but I will show this one to them. Audrey, who had the most hair at birth, has really fine hair now and it grows thes slowliest, too. She, however, is the one who wishes for hair-do’s most: pOOR THING:

  4. Since Princess won’t let me touch her hair, no great easy hair dos, but I do love seeing cute little girl hair styles.

  5. This brings back so many memories of my Memaw. She’d put pin curls in her hair every night after her bath. So many times, I’d have her do mine and then wash it out, because it was too curly. LOL!

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