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From Sand Table to Lego Table!

Keep LEGO bricks contained with this brilliant sand table to LEGO table hack!

Use a sand table as a LEGO table!

With summer over, I was lucky enough to get a great deal on this Sand Table! I have a few things we are using it for – different uses for different subsets of my four kids! My two younger girls use it a lot as a sensory table. My three oldest LOVE having it as a LEGO table, and playing with it was our main after school activity this week!

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DIY LEGO Table Hack

We dump our LEGO bricks in, and they can easily sort through for the pieces they need. When they are done, all the pieces dump easily back into the bin (this Step 2 sand table is very lightweight and easy to move). Of course, if you aren’t planning to use your sand table for anything else, there is no need to remove the bricks when LEGO play time is done! Our house is fairly small, so I multi-purpose wherever I can.

convert your sand table to a LEGO table as the kids get older.

We used to keep all of our LEGO bricks in a king size sheet and dump them out on the sheet, but I found that too many would get pushed off as the kids searched through for just the right piece. This system works better for us – the kids take their bricks and build with them on a table. All four kids can easily gather around for playing, and there is a lid that attaches on with elastic, so I can cover the table and keep one-year-old Anna out of it when I need to.

How do you store your LEGO bricks?

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20 thoughts on “From Sand Table to Lego Table!”

  1. What a great LEGO solution! I’m always trying to figure out the best. Currently, Joshua has them in plastic bins but they get everywhere!

  2. I love that you use the sand table for legos – that is such a great idea. I was planning to get the girls their first legos for Christmas but I decided to go with MagnaTiles instead – I hope they are a hit!

    1. MagnaTiles were our big investment last Christmas, and they have definitely been a hit – especially with Lily, who prefers them over Legos (for now, at least). I hope your girls love them as well!

  3. We haven’t really gotten into Legos yet though we have a lot of “construction tools” that keep J busy. I’m looking forward to the Lego world. John found this fun tote/storage/playmat for Legos at Makerfaire. He picked up a card/info to see if he could recreate, and then I think we lost the card.

  4. Multi-purposing at its best! So far we have been able to contain the Lego madness to just one bucket, but we also only have one kid playing with Lego right now lol. Once the other two start getting into Lego (or once the itty bitty one enter our home), this is a great idea to just dump them all in one place.

  5. What a fun idea for Lego bricks! You have quite a collection! We keep ours in several big boxes in the same closet to be pulled out for play.

    1. Many of these are from my childhood (and my younger siblings)! We also lucked out, finding two large bins free on the side of the road when we lived in Massachusetts. They were pretty dusty when we got them, but I sewed them into a couple pillowcases and ran them through the washing machine and they came out looking brand new!

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