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From Blizzard to Winter Wonderland


Blizzards are fun when you get to keep your power! Winter storm Nemo was pretty kind to us – we got over two feet of snow (in a single night!), but the power stayed on so we could enjoy it from the warmth of our home!


This is what we woke up to Saturday morning. There’s a plowed street in there, but the snow is so high that you can’t tell!


The kids were pretty excited to get out, but it was a little overwhelming, too! Johnny lost a boot – somewhere, out there. I’m guessing we will find the lost boot (now named Nemo) sometime this spring. Johnny is pretty devastated – he even donned Emma’s old (hot pink) boots and went out digging for it, but no luck. I tried looking, too, but it’s a big yard and a lot of snow!


Emma has finally learned to appreciate the value of dressing warmly for snow play – and she was able to stay out the longest! Even she had a hard time making it through the yard – swimming more than walking, really!

Once the kids announced defeat (for a few hours, at least), we brought trays of snow in for them to play with inside the warm house.


Somehow the dinosaurs look much more at home in the snow than the Hello Kitty figurines!


How was your weekend? Were you in Nemo’s path?

MaryAnne lives in Silicon Valley with her Stanford professor husband Mike and their four children. She writes about parenting through education, creativity, and play. Mama Smiles - Joyful Parenting is a space to share crafts, hands on learning activities, and family outings that enrich lives and bring families together.

32 thoughts on “From Blizzard to Winter Wonderland”

  1. Oh those snow cloths are so adorable! Honestly my kids would absolutely LOVE a day in the snow, I should really make it happen this winter. I just read your ‘how we met’ post, I love it, you two were meant to be for sure, I mean biology nerds, what’s better than that?

  2. Our yard looks eerily similar, lol. Upon returning home from being out of town, I was shocked by all the fallen trees. Not to mention my house looks like an igloo. What a storm. The kids are the only ones pleased by the whole ordeal. I think they found it to be an adventure.

  3. Too funny about the boot. It will show up in another month or two. I’d love to see that much snow. It’s been 20 years since we had about that. It was my Dad’s 40th b-day party and we had almost 2 feet of snow. He’ll be 60 in 2 weeks. LOL!

  4. That’s a lot of snow! I’d love for my kids to get a chance to play in snow like that, but I wouldn’t want to have to shovel it! Looks like they had fun!

  5. Cute pictures, and I’m very glad to hear Emma is dressing warmly! During that freak October storm in 2011 I lost my CAR KEYS in the snow while out on assignment at a sledding hill… thank goodness someone found them about half an hour later. We got 2 feet here from this storm, and Parker spent quite a while out there. I had to do video interviews for work Saturday morning but luckily found cooperative people in my neighborhood!

  6. How fun! I love, love the snow, and it seems the kids were enjoying themselves. My 4 yr. old has been begging for snow, but no snow here we live in South Carolina, boo! :)

  7. Glad to hear that you were able to enjoy the snow without losing your power. It’s crazy how there are so many storms and climate changes nowadays! We’re far from anywhere snow so I can only imagine how fun it would be to wake up to play in it.

  8. Has the boot reappeared yet? I’ve been surprised at how quickly our snow is melting…except the mountains where the street was plowed. Luckily those will entertain us for quite awhile! And bringing snow inside? You’re a genius. And super mom.

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