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Free Template for a Beautiful DIY Photo Gift

This template was created as an end-of-year teacher gift, but it makes a beautiful DIY photo gift for grandparents, grads, and more. The free template is easy to edit.

This DIY photo gift is such a fun way to save memories and turn them into a beautiful DIY photo gift. I love that the free template can be edited to personalize the gift.

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I’m the room parent in my son’s class, and at our school that means that I’m in charge of the end of year teacher gift from all the parents. This teacher taught my son’s class for two years, so I wanted something personalized to give her, in addition to a gift card from all of the parents. I created this template in Canva to feature all 19 of the kids in Johnny’s class. I’m still amazed and grateful that he only had 19 kids in his class this year – and that they were all wonderful kids! I can’t feature our finished version of the gift because it features all the kids in his class, but what I do have to share is even better! Since I created this gift in Canva, I can share the photo template.

Materials Needed to Make This DIY Photo Gift

Here are the materials I used to make this photo gift:

  • Color printer. I used my  HP Envy 7640, which HP sent me as I am on this year’s HP Smart Mom team. I love this printer, particularly when it is paired with the HP Instant Ink subscription service.
  • 8.5×11 photo paper
  • 8.5×11 document frame
  • Canva template (see instructions on how to access this below.)

Once you create a (free) Canva account, simply follow the instructions below to access the template. The little “pictures” in my template are actually photo frames, so you drag your photos into the frames and they pop into place. You can click on the photo once it is in the frame to crop and adjust the framing however you like.

Downloading this DIY Photo Gift Template from Canva

How to download this DIY photo gift template from Canva

To access the template for this project, you need to visit my Canva profile. My profile features templates for this project as well as my mini media kit template. Click on the template for this project, and a window like the one you see above will pop up. Click the “Use as template” window and it will open, all ready for you to edit. Please don’t click the edit button, as it will make any changes you make visible to everyone who accesses my profile!

This free Canva template was created as an end-of-year teacher gift, but it makes a beautiful DIY photo gift for grandparents, teens headed to college, and more. The template is easy to edit.

We turned this DIY photo gift into an end-of-year teacher gift, but you could fill it with photos of family and friends as a grad gift, or photos of grandchildren to send to grandparents. So many fun possibilities! I’d love to see photos of DIY photo gifts you create using this template. Please share on my Facebook page, or tag me on Instagram

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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  1. Oh, and the kids could sign in the white space! That’s a great idea.

    One of the things my Mom loved when we moved from California to Texas was the smaller class size. For K-2 I think the largest a class can get is 18, and for 3-5 it was 22.
    Now after that you could have 30 kids in a class, but there’s not as much one on one needed for middle school.

    It still amazes me to think of my 5th grade class having 32 kids in it.

  2. Natalie PlanetSmartyPants

    19 kids??? Johnny is very lucky! A’s class never had less than 25, not even in K. It’s a great idea for a teacher’s gift!

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