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Fingerprint storytelling

Use goofy fingerprint characters to encourage storytelling! Telling stories boosts creativity, self expression, and literacy.

fingerprint storytelling

Some free play with a stamp pad and some paper led Emma to create these two stories. Money was clearly on her mind (she recently earned for first dollar, but has yet to figure out what to do with it). For the top story to make sense, you need to pay attention to the “P” and “R” signs on her thumbprint people’s hats. The text at the bottom reads: “A robber took a monster’s money. The monster was sad. The police put the robber in jail. And the police gave the monster back his money.” I love that the policeman tells the monster that he loves him. :)

fingerprint storytelling

In the second story, our family has magically acquired a LOT of money. Maybe that’s why we like our monster?

Has a new art medium inspired your child to tell stories?

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

34 thoughts on “Fingerprint storytelling”

  1. Kim @ Little Stories

    I’ve seen a lot of art projects and storytelling ideas but the way this blends the two is pretty special!

  2. Love it! So clever, my little guy creates stories when we get the playdoh out. He moves the “characters” all around and the playdoh toys too and really gets going with his scenarios and stories.

  3. That is just so sweet! We’re into story telling at the moment with my daughter who is pre-writing. She dictates, I write and she illustrates with doodles and stickers. I think using fingerprints would be fabulous and she’d just love that!

  4. It’s amazing what they can create with isn’t it! What great stories :-) My son is going through a phase of making up words and some are quite hilarious!

  5. This is so cute! What a great idea. I will have to try this with my 7 year old. I think he would enjoy doing something like this. He likes to write books so maybe he could write a book this way!

  6. We absolutely adore anything with storytelling and I think that R would get a kick out of this activity. I can’t wait to give him an ink pad and see what he comes up with! Isn’t it great that you get to see their thoughts and interests? Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. This is so great. Love the stories and her creativity. So is Anna a name for baby #4?

  8. Love her drawings! I also love the part where it says, “I love you.” :) Does she have a compassionate heart??

  9. Elisa | blissfulE

    These are amazing! My kids also tell stories about putting people in jail. I’m particularly impressed by Emma’s depiction of the monster – size, emotion, distinctiveness from the humans…

    How did Emma earn her dollar? Such a great milestone!

    1. She earned the dollar by completing a variety of tasks over a series of days during a tough week :)

  10. I have two not at all academically inclined 1st graders….. :)

    Take her to the dollar store and she’ll suddenly find all sorts of uses for her dollar.

    1. Also, I wasn’t remotely academically inclined as a kid. She gets that from her dad. We both did well in school, though – although he LOVES his research job and I LOVE playing with kids at home now :)

  11. hAAhAA! Makes me think of the song from Momma Mia…money, money, money!
    What grade is she in?
    She did a great job!

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