Fingerprint Art Fun for Kids


Fingerprint art is fun and easy for kids!

Have your kids tried making fingerprint art? This fun activity is really easy and entertaining for kids! All you need is your hand, a stamp pad (we recommend a washable stamp pad), a pen, and your imagination! My kids have been making fingerprint art for years now, and I always enjoy seeing what they come up with!

Fingerprint Art Fun for Kids

There are also some great fingerprint art books for kids that can help kids get started. Here are some that we have enjoyed over the years:

You could also get this finger printing art set, which includes rubber stamps that can be used to add faces and features. The ink, however, does not appear to be washable.

Fingerprint art is a great way to get kids thinking creatively

I feel like fingerprint art is a great way to get kids thinking creatively in a low-stress way. My kids seem to really enjoy playing with feelings, situations, and emotions with their fingerprint guys. I particularly like the guy trying to outrun a rain shower in the photo above!

Do your kids like fingerprint art? Do you have a book you think my kids would enjoy?

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  1. The fingerprint art is adorable!! I always love how they turn out but it’s funny that I have never done this with my kids!! The Ed Emberly books have such great ideas too!! I need to do this for homemade cards with my kids!

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