Fifth Birthday Invitations

Emma invites drawing one
For Emma’s fifth birthday invitations, she drew pictures for each invitation. She decided to draw tigers, I’m not sure why. Each tiger was unique. Some were furry, some had straight lines, some were colored in, some had big teeth (see above), and some looked quite benign (see below).

Emma invites drawing two
I think this one looks like a tiger kitten – isn’t it adorable?

We attached the drawings to fancy cardstock with double stick tape, and wrote out the party information on the back. She’s keeping an RSVP list, adding names to it as the answers come in. She also picked who she wanted to invite. I may have an event planner in the making!

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  1. Wow! Handmade, personalised invitations from the birthday girl herself – that is so special. How exciting for Emma to be looking after the RSVP list.

    What a treat for the guests to recieve such adorable art work from Emma.

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