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Felt Spaceship Toy Sewing Tutorial

Free pattern and tutorial for sewing a felt spaceship toy for children to play with. Step by step instructions with photos. Easy sew soft toy.

sew a soft space themed toy

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DIY Spaceship and Astronaut Sewing Tutorial

sew an astronaut in space

My kids loved watching the SpaceX launch earlier this year, so when I knew that I wanted to make a space themed softie for this year’s Sew a Softie event.

I also knew that I wanted to create a highly interactive toy that was still pretty straightforward to sew. My kids and I all love the finished product that I came up with – a space ship with an astronaut who can enter and exit the spacecraft.

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Materials for the Project

You only need a few basic materials for this project:

Download the Space Shuttle and Astronaut Pattern

Click here or on the image below to download your pattern for the felt sewing project.

Sew an astronaut and a space shuttle - free pattern

Cut out the pattern pieces using your paper scissors, then pin them to felt. Cut the felt using your fabric shears to get a nice clean edge. This is especially important for projects like this where the edges are visible in the finished product.

How to Sew the Astronaut

how to sew an astronaut

The astronaut body is stitched into the suit. It’s going to stay where instead of stuffing. Don’t worry about catching or not catching the body in your stitches as you stitch around the body.

I used Clover Wonder clips (my favorite sewing tool of all time) to hold the astronaut space suit edges together as I stitched.

I didn’t stuff the body. You could, but it doesn’t seem to be necessary and it’s certainly easier not to stuff such tiny pieces.

how to sew an astronaut

Carefully add a face using the Micron 08 pen once the astronaut is stitched together.

Sewing the Felt Space Shuttle

sew a rocket ship

Pin across the bottom of the space shuttle, being careful to catch all five layers of fabric (the two different flames, plus the front and back of the spaceship, plus the astronaut pocket on the front of the ship).

The stitch up the sides of the astronaut pocket. Leave the top of the space shuttle for last since it is easiest to stitch shut after stuffing.

space felt toy for children

Your space shuttle is now ready for takeoff!

sew this cute spaceship and astronaut for the kids

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sew a space themed soft toy

I hope you’ll share photos if you make our felt space shuttle using this pattern and sewing tutorial!

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