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Felt Shape Sheep Felt Board Activity

Get creative with shapes in the spring with this simple felt shape sheep. It makes a great spring craft for kids; it’s even baby and toddler safe! Continue the theme with my eraser stamped sheep and these bunny and sheep coloring pages.

Get creative with shapes in the spring with this simple felt shape sheep. It makes a great spring craft for kids; it's even baby and toddler safe! #ece #kidsactivities #springthemedfun #preschool #toddleractivities #learningshapes

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Our felt board hoop continues to be very popular with my kids. In the spring we put it to use making cute felt shape sheep! This is a great craft for spring or Easter as well.

felt shape sheep - fun for spring, Easter, or celebrating Chinese New Year!

After making our eraser stamped sheep I figured that if we could make sheep using a round eraser dipped in white paint, we might as well try using white circle-ish shaped felt!

Felt Board Shape Sheep Activity

Combine several felt shapes to create a sheep - fun for kids of all ages!

How to Make This Sheep Felt Board Activity

Making this felt shape sheep activity is simple! You’ll need white and black felt. Cut a bunch of circles out of the white felt. The circles can come in several different sizes, but you’ll want a couple of small oval-ish ones for ears and a round or triangular-ish one for the face. Cut rectangles for legs and smaller shapes for faces out of the black felt.

Eight-year-old Emma helped me to cut out the shapes for the sheep, and she assembled the first few sheep. The kids gradually moved to using the same shapes to create other things, beginning with Anna’s request to make a cow. The sheep remained the most recognizable creation, followed by some snowmen I came across this evening after the kids were in bed.

Creative spring themed fun for kids: felt shape sheep

Two-year-old Anna also likes to use the circles to decorate the edge of the hoop, which has me thinking it’s time to expand our felt board bin to include more shapes – the ones I made for my geometric shapes templates have mostly vanished by now.

Felt board fun for all ages.

My favorite part of this activity? I love watching kids take apart the shapes and use them to build something else! What will you build after you create your felt board sheep?

Please send photos if you make our felt shape sheep!

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  1. jeannine @ waddleeahchaa

    Once again I love the simplicity of the felt hoop and the shapes a great idea! Love it.

  2. Beautiful! The slightly imperfect circles give this activity more depth and realism. I love how it will turn out slightly different, but always beautiful, every time!

  3. Nicola - Multicraftingmummy

    A great activity to learn about shapes and have fun with. Felt is such a great material to work with as well i always have a few sheets in our craft stores.

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