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Using Felt Pumpkin Faces to Explore Emotions

These cute jack o lantern felt pumpkin faces help children recognize and explore different emotions. Such a fun way to develop emotional intelligence!

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Explore emotions by building Jack O Lantern faces with this simple toddler or preschooler activity.

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My four-year-old daughter Anna loves activities, and she is a very expressive child. She went all in with this simple emotional intelligence activity!

Cute Jack O Lantern Idea: Happiness, Sadness, and Surprise

Jack O’ Lanterns are incredible emotional intelligence tools! In the past I have used Jack O’Lantern Chains to explore different emotions with my kids. This year I cut out felt pumpkins for my daughter to decorate. It was an easy activity to pull together, and she liked it enough to add a lot of bling to her pumpkins!

How to Make Cute Jack O Lantern Faces out of Felt

Exploring emotions with felt pumpkin faces

These felt pumpkin faces are easy to make! All you need is orange and black felt. Cut the orange felt out in the shape of a pumpkin. Cut various shapes out of the black felt to make eyes, noses, mouths, and eyebrows. My daughter LOVED the eyebrow pieces, and I admit that they add a certain dramatic flair.

Using felt pumpking faces to build emotional intelligence

Using This Activity to Teach Emotions

Anna and I sat together and made several different faces using the different felt shapes. These first three images represent our happy, sad, and surprised faces.

Teach children to recognize emotions using felt pumpkin faces

Anna decided to really extend this activity! She pulled out some metallic autumn confetti she had been hoarding and added it to her versions of these faces. Yes, my four-year-old already hoards craft supplies – but she does put them to use!

Halloween themed emotional intelligence craft for kids

She then proposed gluing the pumpkins to the wall. We compromised by gluing the pumpkins onto construction paper, which we then taped to the wall.

Teach kids all about emotions using felt pumpkin faces

They make for fun and festive kid-made Halloween decorations!

Teach children emotional intelligence with this fun expressive faces craft.

Can you tell that she changed her mad face to be a worried face?

If you don’t have felt on hand and don’t feel like buying it, just use construction paper for this activity – or white paper with orange and black crayons! Turn our wall of pumpkins activity into a wall of emotional pumpkins!

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Do you have a fun pumpkin-themed learning activity for us to try? Have you ever made felt pumpkin faces? Please share photos if you put this cute Jack O Lantern activity idea to use!

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