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Favorite Reads: Halloween


Where Is Baby’s Pumpkin? by Karen Katz was a freebie with the Halloween costume I bought online for Emma in 2007. I wasn’t a huge fan of the costume (it was scratchy – good reason not to buy a child’s costume online, particularly for a sensory-sensitive child), but the book has been so well-loved that it was worth the purchase. Both Emma and Johnny read this simple, textured lift-the-flap book all year round. I’m not a fan of the ghoulish side of Halloween, so I appreciate the cute aspects emphasized in this story.



Bats at the Library by Brian Lies is the best children’s book featuring bats I’ve seen. The text rhymes beautifully, and the illustrations are full of great details. For example, during story time the book is upside down to accommodate all the little bats who are hanging upside down, and the last page has a little baby bat in what looks like a baby bat carrier being carried home by its mother. We borrowed this book after reading about it either at Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns or Superheroes and Princesses (probably both, since I frequently visit both blogs) I find I don’t have much time to browse library books, so it’s really nice to have recommendations from fellow bloggers!



pumpkinjackWe borrowed Pumpkin Jack by Will Hubbell from the libraryafter reading about it at My Family My Forever, and I’m really glad we did! Written in simple prose, this book follows the journey of a pumpkin as it goes from being a jack-o-lantern to dirt and a few seeds. The seeds grow into vines, the vines produce pumpkins, and a new Pumpkin Jack is born.

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  1. Have you read Bats on the Beach by Brian Lies? We loved that one too. I share our favorite library finds every week at sillyeaglebooks.com–please stop by if you are ever in need of some good recommendations!

  2. Good books and hopefully you will link this post to me on Saturday ;). Christy at Superheroes and Princesses wrote about Bats in the Library, and we also borrowed the book based on her review. I always get what she recommends :) I really liked the book, but Anna didn’t. I think it was kind of too dark for her, and then she got distracted discussing each picture on the storytelling page.
    We didn’t get to Pumpkin Jack – maybe next year.

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