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Fun Learning with a Playful Farm Theme

Farm themed learning activities for preschoolers for the book The Little Blue Truck. Literacy, math, science, and movement activities for preschoolers.

Farm themed learning activities for kids - preschool farm unit resources.

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I lived on a farm until I was nearly seven years old, and it was absolute bliss. My kids love visiting farms! This week, my preschooler and I are enjoying all sorts of farm themed learning activities as we read this week’s Virtual Book Club for Kids book, The Little Blue Truck.

We were introduced to The Little Blue Truck several years ago, and it remains a family favorite. We also love these farm themed picture books that would work well for this farm learning theme for preschoolers:

Decorate a Farm Animal Preschooler Activity

Farm themed educational activities for children

My four-year-old daughter Anna had a fabulous time decorating these farm animals! We used animals from this ALEX Toys activity set, but you can download free paper bag animal templates. You can also download animal coloring pages for kids to decorate like Anna decorated the cardboard cut-outs. You can also get a set of paper bag puppets only if you want a ready-made kit. Anna also added some beads and feathers from her personal craft stash; the rest of the decorations came in the craft kit.

Fun farm-themed preschool learning unit

This is an excellent fine motor learning activity for preschoolers! The gluing and placing of materials help children build the fine motor muscles they need to learn to write later on. Goofy activities like this one also get kids’ imaginations running, and they are wonderful for promoting storytelling.

Farm-Themed Educational Toys

Here are a couple of neat farm-themed educational toys to go with this unit:

Learning Resources Friendly Farm Math Activity Set – note that the six mats are identical. You can save money by buying the animals on their own and making your own mats.

These farm animals can be used for sensory bins, pretend play scenes, and all sorts of pretend play scenarios. They also give kids a chance to examine reasonably realistic three-dimensional farm animal models. Be aware that they are quite large.

Farm animal dominoes help kids learn one to one correspondence and teach them different farm animal names.

More Farm Themed Learning Activities

Here are this week’s activities from my co-hosts, organized by learning topic.

Alphabet Learning Activities

Name Learning Activity

Number Learning Activities

Farm Themed Sensory Activity

Farm Themed Cooking Activities

Preschool Science Farm Themed Learning

Farm Themed Pre-Writing Activities

Movement Activities for Farm Themed Learning


2016-17 season virtual book club for kids books and activities

Click on the image above to see all of the themes, books, and activities for this year’s 2016-17 Virtual Book Club for Kids! I am updating the page as new posts go live.


For parents looking for preschool activities, this ebook is a great resource:

This book is an incredible resource for parents and educators looking for tools to develop literacy and math through play.

I contributed to the book, along with some of my favorite early education bloggers. The activities provide a tiny bit of structure in a playful environment where children can explore early literacy and numeracy skills. This post is also a wonderful resource if you are looking for fun math games and activities for kids.

Do you have fun farm-themed learning activities for us to try? Have you read The Little Blue Truck? Come share an image on my Facebook page, or tag me on Instagram

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    1. Haha my kids often put their own twist on them as well. Anna really loves structured activities, but even she went and found her own materials to add to this craft.

  1. What a fun way to be creative with farm animals. Can’t wait to see which farm animal my daughters decide to create. Thanks for cohosting VBCforKids!

    1. Farms are kid paradise! It was a huge adjustment when my dad switched jobs and we started moving from capital city to capital city. That travel came with its own benefits, but I will always be grateful for my quieter childhood years on a farm.

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    Oh how fun! My kids got to ride a pony on Saturday at the home of one of Ben’s colleagues who is expecting her first child. That kid will be so lucky to grow up with ponies and chickens and dogs and plenty of space to run!

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