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Family Time: Go to a Sports Game!


I blog for the love of writing and making memories, but it can come with some great perks! This week, we got to go on a tour of Stanford University’s Maples Pavilion, AND courtside tickets to their men’s basketball game versus Bucknell University. We were all pretty excited – Mike and I are both alumni (we met first day of freshman orientation at Stanford), and this was the kids’ first sporting event! That’s another thing I like about blogging – it gets me to do activities with my kids that I wouldn’t necessarily prioritize by default. I’m not an athlete, and nor is Mike. Neither of us grew up going to games, but our kids LOVED this one, so I think we’ll be going to many more! Seven-year-old Emma adores soccer, so that is probably next on our list, followed by a request for baseball from Johnny. The timing for this was perfect, because four-year-old Lily was apparently learning about different sports in school this week! She was very proud to know a little bit about the different team sports.


Basketball has always been my favorite spectator sport, and this game was no exception. Stanford won (always fun, when your team wins), but Bucknell played a great game that kept us watching to see how it would all turn out in the end – even one-year-old Anna!


Since we got a behind-the-scenes tour before the game, the kids got a glimpse into the many pieces that make up a basketball game. It’s not just players dribbling, shooting hoops, and passing the ball; it’s hours of working out with coaches and practice drills. We also got to see the screen-filled media room where they send out the live game feed, and the press room where players and coaches meet with the media after games.

Kids can learn some great lessons from team sports – about playing fair and losing graciously, especially! There were a few Bucknell fans who were clearly disappointed in the outcome of the game, but I heard one of them say on the way out, “We played a great game.” – and they were right! I think it’s important in life to learn to love what you are doing, do your best, and accept that sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t – but it’s still a great thing that you are doing.

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This week, we focused on gratitude with this elegantly simple gratitude tree – very easy to put this version together! The kids also enjoyed making art (post includes a US giveaway for some gorgeous art journals), and seven-year-old Emma discovered a new adventure chapter book series (US giveaway for the first three titles in the post!)

I hope you’ll share your fun and educational family time activities for elementary aged kids in this week’s linky! By doing so, you give us permission to feature your post and pin it to our After School Activities & Adventures Pinterest board!


MaryAnne lives is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

19 thoughts on “Family Time: Go to a Sports Game!”

  1. How fun that you and Mike met at Stanford, and now made a full circle and returned there! We have never gone to a sports game, and I suspect that Anna would have to be invited by another parent to attend. She has expressed no interest in team sports so far and asks to learn tennis.

  2. Fun! My husband went to Providence College and we love taking the kids to basketball and hockey games. The kids have fun and I agree that it’s a great family activity.

  3. I miss college games! Truth be told we haven’t actually taken our kids to see any sporting games yet. I’ve been meaning to take my eldest one to a baseball game. Maybe Dodgers?

  4. I have to say….sports games are a great memory maker…especially with my kids! I need to take them to more…it’s always a trick…because the wee ones don’t like it as much, and I don’t enjoy it as much with them…so we have to find a babysitter….and Brooke is my main one….so I really need to start working on others, so I can do this stuff with my oler kiddos!

  5. How exciting! Go Stanford!! I love you guys’ mascot. :) :) And basketball is my favourite sport to watch, too. Love it that you had the band in the background of the first shot of Emma. :) Brings back university memories (I went along to games to support my roommate the drum major LOL!).

    1. Our mascot makes their own costume every year! I love this year’s version – the branches are stitched from a variety of fabrics, including one with cows on it!

  6. J LOVES going to Stanford sporting events! Luckily, there are free games throughout the year. I’ll let you know how to get tickets. He really liked women’s soccer and of course, football! Did you get them involved with the kids’ club? We haven’t done it yet with J, but I hear it’s a good deal.

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