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Family Time and Back to School

big brother little sister time

We thoroughly enjoyed our time together as a family over the holidays! The kids were happy enough to go back to school, but they went back Wednesday and by Friday Johnny was home with a stomach bug and Lily was home just because she didn’t seem to feel fantastic. They are both still sick today; I’m hoping Emma and Anna continue to stay healthy. We’ve been enjoying the David McPhail books we discovered through this month’s Virtual Book Club – so far the “Pig Pig” books are my kids’ favorites!

getting better at tummy time

Anna turns five months old tomorrow (!) and she is growing up quickly! She likes tummy time better, but gets frustrated that she can’t quite get places yet! She LOVES the unbelievably soft aden + anais blankets I splurged on, and carries one with her whenever they are clean (I have four). She likes to chew on them, too…

See all that stuff on the floor? That’s called the after-school chaos! My kids all come in and throw their stuff on the dining room floor! They also ALL save their school snack for after school, so they can eat it together!

light table fun

Anna is also getting very interested in being a “kid” instead of a baby! I picked out the kids’ Christmas gifts with this specifically in mind (they only got group gifts from Mike and I this year – a light table and Prism Bricks courtesy of ALEX Toys, and Magna-Tiles to go with it), and it’s working out really well. The above photo also illustrates perfectly the ideal use of a Bumbo Seat – to help kids who can’t yet quite sit up on their own play on the floor with parents or siblings.

Japanese maple tree leaves in January

And this photo I’m putting in just because I love this tree, I love this picture, and it is STILL hanging onto its leaves! The above photo is from December 21st and it has lost several leaves since then (and we have snow), but there are still too many to easily count!

How was your week?


MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

23 thoughts on “Family Time and Back to School”

  1. Oh no stomach bug is the worst! The bumbo seat really is great to help be part of the big kid action!
    I really like toys that appeal to boys girls young and older!

  2. The bartlett pear trees in the backyard still have a few leaves, but the insane winds from this past week have really blown most of them off, and I miss them.

    We loved the bumbo seat when Princess was a baby. I always thought the huge uproar over them was silly, because if you are using them properly it’s a great way for a baby to feel more included in the family.

  3. I love how Anna is sitting in her Bumbo with the big kids at the light table! So sweet. And it’s such a great idea to only have together gifts for Christmas. I might have to think about that for next year. All of these little gifts have taken over our house! And I think many of them just get forgotten pretty quickly after the holidays. Way to go, Mama!

  4. Elisa | blissfulE

    That is a fabulous idea to just do group gifts from the parents for the kids at Christmas. I will keep that in mind for next year. I’m sure Anna appreciates being able to join in the fun. :)

  5. Oh, I totally see that with 4 kids the light table is a great investment! How do they like Magna Tiles? I am so sorry that Johnny and Lily are sick, hope it doesn’t spread.

    1. They really love the Magna-Tiles! I got them after watching my brother’s four kids play with them (on video). My sister’s kids got some for Christmas as well, and they love them too!

  6. I hope Johnny feels better soon and that no one else gets the stomach bug.

    We start back to school tomorrow. I’m apprehensive about it. Isn’t it so much easier to just be of school/work? LOL!

  7. I can’t believe the tree still has leaves (with snow as well!). The light table looks really good I’ve been umming and ahhing whether to make one but seeing yours and The Imagination Tree’s this week I’m convinced I should have a go this year.

    We don’t return to school till Wednesday (and then for 1 morning only this week!) so got extra holiday tomorrow and Tuesday to find things to do as well.

  8. Love the tree! I had a good, but crazy week. That’s always how it is before we leave for overseas. We fly out tomorrow!

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