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  1. Love them! And Johnny drew a frame, too! I smiled when I saw Emma’s flipped J – it’s exactly the way Jenna writes hers. Hurrah for writing so nicely, Emma! Yesterday we were at the library and I realized that with Jenna writing her name out, reverse-J and all, we could get her a library card of her own! Sadly, I left my ID in the car, which we needed, so we have to wait till the next trip to the library to do that. So many privileges come with being able to write your name – so much fun for the kids as they realize how big they are growing!
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  2. Elisa | blissfulE

    I’m very impressed with the consistency, symmetry, and relative sizings in Johnny’s drawing.

    Emma’s portrait gives us an important glimpse into a child’s perspective – parents are soooooo tall! :) And I have a feeling Lily’s towering curl will prove inspiration for someone’s runway models this fall.
    .-= Elisa | blissfulE´s last blog ..drummer girl =-.

  3. Jackie @ 3 Little Ones

    aww – absolutely adorable :)
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  4. Very precious. Emma is so clever to be able to label her drawings – what special keepsakes these family portraits will make.

    You came up with the perfect armoire for Emma’s doll clothes. That is one recyled furniture piece that will get a good workout.

    I am impressed with Emma’s cutting skills. You could use the figures she cut out to make some scenes with play doh, or make a castle and use the figures for storytelling with the castle.

    Happy belated 30th birthday to you. I hope your 30s are memorable and full of joy and peace.
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  5. What a terrific memory – I like how both of them drew everyone. It’s pretty impressive how Johnny chose to represent people – I think Anna was mostly drawing “squiggles” when she was his age.
    .-= Natalie´s last blog ..Science Sunday – Liquid Fireworks =-.

  6. @Susana and Natalie – I was surprised to see Johnny draw people – I don’t think even Emma did that at two and a half. Saturday he was sitting on my lap drawing and he started to write on his arm. I told him not to draw on me, and he said, “But Mama, I draw H”. Sure enough, he had written the letter H on my arm, his first letter!

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