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The World Culture for Kids series at Mama Smiles is designed as a friendly introduction for all ages to the cities, towns, countries, and cultures of our world! I hope that this series can help us all learn a little bit more about our beautiful planet and the people who make is such a wonderful place to live! Where posts were written by other bloggers, the title of their blog is in parentheses.

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Posts about teaching World Culture and Increasing Global Awareness

10 Tips for Raising Globally Aware Children

Encouraging Global Thinking: Kids and Maps

Felt Map of the World (With Template)

Growing Up in a Multicultural Environment (Sand In My Toes)

On Being a Third Culture Kid

Raising Globally Aware Kids: Getting Started

Using Coins to Explore the World

Using Puzzles to Teach Kids About the World

Country, city, and state posts

Australia (Boy Mama Teacher Mama)

Australia (Happy Whimsical Hearts)

Australia (Inspiration Surrounds, Creativity Abounds)

Australia in Action: Part One (Kids Yoga Stories)

Australia in Action: Part Two (Kids Yoga Stories)

Australia – Canberra (A Moment In Our World)

Australia – Gold Coast (A Moment In Our World)

Australia – Sydney (A Moment In Our World)

Austria – Vienna Christmas Market

Belgium (ourfeminist{play}school)

Bolivia – La Paz (Mama Smiles)

Bolivia – Art and Music (Mama Smiles)

Brazil (A Teacher Mom)

Cambodia (The Good Long Road)

Cambodia – Angkor National Park (Rebecca Gataullin)

Cambodia – Water Village (Rebecca Gataullin)

Canada – British Columbia (My Buddies and I)

Canada – Halifax and Prince Edward Island (East Coast Mommy)

Canada – Manitoulin Island (The Usual Mayhem)

Canada – Montreal With Kids (Mama Smiles)

Canada – Toronto (Kitchen Counter Chronicles)

Canada – Niagara Falls (Mama Smiles)

China – Xiamen (Mum & Babies)

China – Zhuhai (Little Artists)

Colombia (Multicultural Mama)

Costa Rica (All Done Monkey)

Croatia – Dubrovnik (Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes)

Cyprus with kids (Carol Montrose)

Czech Republic – Prague (Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes)

 Ecuador (Inspired by Family Magazine)

 Egypt (Blissful E)

England (Here Come the Girls)

Ethiopia (KidWorldCitizen.org)

France – French Public Schools

France – Hudson the Dog Picture Books

France – Paris (Storied Cities)

France – Playing Marbles

Germany – Berlin (Mike)

Germany – Freiburg (One Fainting Robin)

Germany – Munich (Choosing Motherhood)

Iceland (Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes)

India (Artsy Craftsy Mom)

India – At Large and Small Village Life (2 Kurious Kids)

India – Mukhe Bhaat First Foods Ceremony in West Bengal (Enchanted Schoolroom)

India – New Delhi (The Educators’ Spin On It)

Italy (Edventures With Kids)

Japan – Kyoto (iGameMom)

Japan – Via Picture Books (Mama Smiles)

Kenya (Inspiration Laboratories)

Kenya – Maasai people of the Northern Rift Valley (MollyMoo)

Korea (famiglia&seoul)

Kuwait (Wisdom. Knowledge. Joy.)

Latvia (Kruminu Dienas)

Malawi (Mud Hut Mama)

Mayreau Island (Early Learning Centre)

Mexico – Ensenada (Stroller Adventures)

Poland (Smile Play Learn)

Puerto Rico (Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes)

Romania – Transylvania (Alina’s Adventures)

Russia (Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns)

Russia – Food (The Educators’ Spin On It)

Russia – Raising Kids in Modern Russia (The Educators’ Spin On It)

Scotland – Edinburgh (Mama Smiles)

South Africa (I Believe In Love)

Sweden – Christmas in Sweden (Mama Smiles)

Sweden (Petra)

Thailand (The Good Long Road)

Thailand (The Outlaw Mom)

Tibet (The Good Long Road)

Turkey – Ephesus (Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes)

Ukraine (Rebecca Gataullin)

United Arab Emirates – Dubai (Sand In My Toes)

United States – Golden Gate Bridge, California (Mama Smiles)

United States – San Francisco, California (Mama Smiles)

United States – Chicago, Illinois (Artchoo)

United States – Des Moines, Iowa (Crayon Freckles)

United States – Rockport, Maine (PlayDrMom)

United States – Boston, Massachusetts (The Pleasantest Thing)

United States – Kid-Friendly Activities in Massachusetts (Mama Smiles)

United States – Newton, Massachusetts (Pragmatic Mom)

United States – Michigan, the Mitten State (PlayDrMom)

United States – Michigan’s Mackinac Island (Christi Madrid)

United States – Itasca, Minnesota, Birthplace of the Mississippi River (Creative Family Fun)

United States – New York, New York (What Do We Do All Day?)

United States – Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina (Parents Who)

United States – Greenville, South Carolina (JDanielFour’s Mom)

United States – Texas Bluebonnets (Adventures in Mommydom)

United States – Utah Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks (52 Brand New)

United States – Vermont (Mama Smiles)

United States – Washington State Salmon (Carrots are Orange)

United States – Seattle, Washington (Nurtured Children Grow)

United States – Southwest Washington State (Home Learning Journey)

 Wales (World Travel Family)

World Religion posts

Living in a Community of Observant Jews (EduArt 4 Kids)

Call for Posts

This world culture for kids series showcases cities, states, and countries in a child-friendly manner. Email mamasmilesblog at gmail dot com if you are interested in contributing a guest post.

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