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Exploring Geography: Texas

Today’s post comes from Ticia, who blogs at Adventures in Mommydom! Ticia homeschools her twin sons and their younger sister. I am constantly learning new things through her blog! She has a great way of planning hands-on, highly interactive lessons. I especially enjoy her Science Sunday linky and her 50 States Study series. And I have her portable writing center on my “to-make” list! She also has a fabulous sense of humor!

exploring geography at mama smiles I’ve thought long and hard trying to come up with what is distinctive about Texas.  It’s a big state, so that would really depend on what area you’re in.

I thought about sharing the Alamo, where Texans took their stand and said they were not going to surrender, but the computer ate my pictures of the Alamo.  We have NASA, but the last time I went there I was in Junior High, so no pictures for that either.

Finally, I knew what to talk about.  Texas is crazy hot 9 months out of the year, I only exaggerate slightly, but for the month of March and part of April we have the most gorgeous hillsides you’ll see.

Texas bluebonnets

They’re covered in bluebonnets, those are the state flower.  There are many different shades and varieties.  There’s even a rare version called "Alamo’s Tears," that is red.  Every year you can find the hillsides of Texas covered in flowers and families making the trek to get pictures of their kids in the flowers.

Texas bluebonnets

Some years the fields are blue with flowers, other years, like last year, you only see a few sparse ones because of droughts.

But, there’s a story called “Legend of the Bluebonnet,” that tells how we got our precious flower.  A young girl gave up her favorite thing to help her village, and she was rewarded with the most beautiful flowers.

Texas bluebonnets craft

Ages ago we made bluebonnets to help us remember the story.  It’s a fun easy project that just takes poster paint in a couple of colors and children willing to put their hands in paint.

Well, that’s my very anecdotal story about Texas, this doesn’t tell you super a lot about the state, but it tells you about the thing I think of most when I think of Texas.

Thank you, Ticia, for this lovely post! I always enjoy seeing bluebonnet photos, and hopefully I’ll see them in real life, someday! And I had no idea there were red bluebonnets!

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MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

22 thoughts on “Exploring Geography: Texas”

  1. We had to unexpectedly spend a day in Houston and my kids had spent a week in San Antonio a few years ago; we LOVE Texas. The people are so nice and the food is fantastic!!

  2. Great post from Ticia. I admit that I am not a big fan of Texas, but maybe it’s because I’ve never been to Austin. One day I’ll pay a visit to Ticia :)

    1. I hear Austin is pretty neat; I’ve never been. Meeting Ticia would be fantastic – you too!

  3. I love Texas! I’ve been a few times to visit my brother and the people are so nice and friendly. It seems like everyone from Texas has such home pride. I love that.

  4. What a sweet post! Love the flowers and would love to read that story! I visited Texas when I was in college – an amazingly place! So different from New England. I just remember how big the sky was!

  5. I have a HUGE photo of our three kiddos, in a field of bluebonnets, hanging in our living room. (I had it printed at Zazzle for about $25, and it’s 3 feet by 4 feet; great deal!)

    Unfortunately, our area didn’t have bunches of bluebonnets this year. Last year it seemed like the roadsides were covered with them… and this year, not so much.

    1. Your picture sounds amazing! I’ll have to check out Zazzle the next time I want to make a big print!

  6. I started collecting children’s books when I was in college and working at a preschool, and The Legend of the Bluebonnet by Tomie DePaola was one of the first I added to my collection. I was drawn to this wonderful story! Mary Anne, if you want to borrow it, just let me know! =)

    1. Thanks, Chrissy! That’s really nice! I think the library is already holding a copy for us – I put in a request because we haven’t read it and I know Emma is a Tomie DePaola fan :)

  7. Elisa | blissfulE

    Yea! Love Texas, and Bluebonnets, too. But I didn’t know there were red ones!

    1. I always admire them on blogs! Let me know if you ever want to blog about Texas (or Africa again!)

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