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Every Child is Extraordinary

Every child is extraordinary

Every child is extraordinary! Growing up with nine siblings, my parents always commented on how different each of us were – from the very beginning. I see the same thing with my own four children. From the very  beginning, each one of my children has been unique! Each child has added something wonderful to our family that we never would have been able to experience without them in our lives. It is amazing to see Emma’s love to reading and writing transfer to the younger children, just as Johnny’s passion for drawing leads to afternoons with all four children sketching together at the dining room table. Lily’s love of all things tiny and pretend play has led to all sorts of incredible play set ups, created by all four kids working together. Anna’s friendly smile and habit of waving hi to every dog we pass has us meeting all sorts of new people!

Seeing the little things that make children unique is one of the greatest privileges of parenting! I have learned a great deal from watching and listening to my kids – learning about the things that make them laugh, empathizing with their fears (some of which I recognize from my own childhood), and feeling the love and care they show to one another and to me and Mike.

Stanford Children’s Health is making it easy for parents to celebrate the things that make their children extraordinary, because they want you to know that this is how they see their young patients! They created a video template where you upload videos and add a little text, and their program creates a charming slideshow for your kids! Our Anna has seen several Stanford Children’s Health doctors, and they have always been good at listening to my questions and concerns, and putting Anna at ease. Anna had an MRI done at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford earlier this year to rule out some possible problems, and as scary as it was to put her under general anesthesia (since you can’t make a toddler stay still for an MRI), it was definitely reassuring to know she was being cared for at the top-ranked children’s hospital in Northern California! The MRI didn’t provide a complete answer, but it ruled out the worst-case scenarios, and I know we have a great team of doctors to work with when we need them.

Your child is extraordinary. What are the little things that make your children extraordinary?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

20 thoughts on “Every Child is Extraordinary”

  1. It goes without saying (I hope), that every child is of God, with his own special purpose, his own special beauty. I am privileged as a parent/Grand Parent to reflect God’s love in that way and try to communicate this continually. The most fascinating aspect of this may be how I support my children’s ambitions. Sometimes they are “close, but no cigar.” You may be a fantastic soccer player when you are 8, but not make the team when you are 16. You may be a stellar ballerina for 16 years, then never dance again on stage. This was and remains one of my most important jobs, to encourage them to set their goals high. And to put things in perspective, help them use their experiences to “crucible” (refine in fire) who they uniquely are. It is not their failures, but their attempts that lead them to ultimate successes in their lives.

  2. Natalie PlanetSmartyPants

    Your post made me want to have more than one just to see how the second one would be different :) Seriously though, you do have incredible, beautiful kids. Great personal post for this campaign!

  3. All kids are unique and unforgettable. Thanks for this priceless reminder. We really need to love our kids the way they are and respect their extraordinary personalities.

  4. I agree the picture is just perfect for your kids.

    Batman has a wonderfully giving and loving heart and wants to take care of everyone.
    Superman is a goofball and wants to make the world laugh.
    Princess wants justice, she wants everyone treated and to treat others fair.

  5. I love my children’s different personalities and their different ways of doing things. It’s so fun to see them growing and blossoming in who they are!

  6. Elisa | blissfulE

    Beautiful! Love how you chose photos that capture so much personality and sibling love. :)

  7. These videos always make me cry. Love yours to your kids. What makes J extraordinary is his desire to learn and teach those around him. I love hearing his explanations on things. Miss Baby J is so unbelievably chill. She’ll sit happily for hours just observing the brand new world around her. She also has a killer smile

  8. The little things that make my kids extraordinary:

    Grasshopper and Sensei: her kindness and abiltiy to maintain her friendships across continents and time.

    PickyKidPix: her determination in which she tackles life and never gives up even when she doesn’t meet her goals which results in temporary heartbreak.

    My son (no blog yet): His video game playing ability should be celebrated except for the enormous amount of time he spends on mastering a wide range of games. He is also the least materialistic person I know.

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