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Engineering Challenge for Kids: Build a Tall Tower

Engineering challenge for kids: Build a tall tower.

Looking for a fun way to keep your kids busy inside on a rainy or snowy day? Challenge them to build a tower that reaches all the way to the ceiling! This is an activity that is wonderful for mixed age groups. It is also a favorite birthday party activity. Don’t get rid of those DUPLO blocks (affiliate link) just because you don’t have toddlers any more! I have even used them to entertain Mike’s college-age cousins!

Engineering Challenge for Kids: Build a Tall Tower

Rainy day? Snow day? Challenge your kids to build the tallest tower they can!

I always enjoy watching my kids strategize these tower building sessions. For this one, we were at my brother’s house (not surprisingly, he owns many of the same toys we own). The kids decided that the best way to build was to lean it against a wall BUT over by the stairs so that they could have easy access to the top.

Can your kids build a tower that reaches all the way to the ceiling? This engineering challenge gets kids thinking and working together!

They also discovered that putting wooden blocks around the base helps to stabilize their tower! These particular blocks are hollow, but even light blocks like these makes a big difference in tower stability!

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  1. Elisa | blissful E

    Love that picture of the hand with a stack of bricks poking through the railing! Great tower – well done, kids!

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