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Emma’s Easter Book

kindergarten Easter book

Emma decided this week that she wanted to make an Easter book. She picked out “Easter colors”, and set to work drawing things that she loves and is grateful for.

kindergarten Easter book

We bound it together using pipe cleaners – my favorite way to quickly bind kid books. You just punch a few holes, stick the pipe cleaners through, and twist. Faster than yarn, and I find that they give more structure, as well.

easy kid book binding: pipe cleaners

Emma took her book to school for Show & Tell this week. It’s the second time she’s brought something she made, and I’m loving this trend!

sponge painting

It’s also very appropriate to bring it to school, because the cover especially featured sponge painting – a technique she discovered at her art class in school, and brought home! She adapted the technique to make a couple of pictures to hang on the wall as well:

kindergarten house painting

I am particularly fond of this very cheerful flower!

kindergarten flower painting

What art techniques are your kids loving right now?

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13 thoughts on “Emma’s Easter Book”

  1. What a gorgeous book and she must have been really proud of it to take it to school with her (I love the pipecleaner fastening as well). J is very into printing at the moment with his toys in particular and his other thing is paint pouring!

        1. I doubt he minds – it’s all about the process, right? :)

          Someday, I want to set up a giant pour art station outside (on a magically non-windy day…)

  2. I love Emma’s art. It’s great that she has an art class. Unfortunately, Anna has an art class only once a month, so she is not learning much there. So sad.

  3. Elisa | blissfulE

    This is beautiful! I love the cheery Easter colours and the variety and individuality Emma brings to her work.

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