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Emma, Johnny, and Lily Quotes: How Did The Dirt Get There?

Lily and Johnny goof around at lunch time

At the dinner table:
Dada: Tomorrow there might be a snow storm, and then I’ll have to work from home.
Emma: But if I run in the room, I’ll climb on you!

Talking about animal sounds:
Mama: Lily, what do cows say?
Lily: “Cow”.

Lily, holding a LEGO horse several days later:
Cow. Moo.

Johnny, after watching a Blue’s Clues episode that discussed how some large fish eat smaller fish:
Do big people eat little people?

At the dinner table:
Johnny: Can I dip my food in my water?
Mama: No. Just drink your water.
Emma: Why just drink water?
Mama: Because that’s what you do with water. You’re supposed to drink it.
Emma: Not bath water. Bath water is just for playing.

Johnny, at bedtime:
Johnny: What is inside the world?
Mama: Well, mostly dirt. And then in the middle it’s really hot. *typing this, I realize I should have at least mentioned water…
Johnny: How did the dirt get there?
I  put a request in for this this book at the library, and I’m hoping it will at least partially answer his question…

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12 thoughts on “Emma, Johnny, and Lily Quotes: How Did The Dirt Get There?”

  1. My favorite is whether or not big people eat little people. Gotta know, was he the least bit scared when he asked that? Kid conversations/thoughts are the best!

  2. One night, when Ladybug was about four, she dipped her garlic bread in her glass of milk. We waited for a wince or something, but she liked it so much she did it again.

    It just happened that one night, though. *sigh. I love those little moments.

  3. I love the big people eating little people comment too! Is he a little worried, since he’s a little person? LOL

  4. LOL about the big people eating little people! The stuff kids say is so funny!
    That looks like a great book. I’ll have to see if it’s at our library.

    I just thought of something funny Abby said the other day. I had asked her a question and she said, “I don’t have the slicest idea”. LOL!

  5. Oh, I love “big people/little people” question. Quotes from your little ones really crack me up.

  6. Elisa | blissfulE

    Great questions from Johnny, and I love the bath water wisdom from Emma.

    We have a lego horse, too. In action it is ANYTHING but a horse! Usually it’s a donkey or camel. When Lily comes over to play, it can be a cow, too! :)

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