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Emma, Johnny, and Lily Quotes: Hi Birdies!

admiring an inchworm

admiring an inch-long inchworm

Watching a flock of migrating geese cross the sky:
Johnny: Hi Birdies! Hi Birdies!

Emma, talking to her friend A:
A: What does your shirt say?
Emma: Smile! Smile, smile, smile! That means you should smile on those days, when I wear this shirt!

At the dinner table:
Mike/Dada: Lily, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Lily: A Princess!
Johnny: Oh yeah! Like Mama was a princess when she got married!

Emma, explaining to Johnny why only girls wear makeup:
It makes girls look prettier, like boys. You look pretty.Girls don't need any makeup to look pretty

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17 thoughts on “Emma, Johnny, and Lily Quotes: Hi Birdies!”

  1. I love watching inchworms. Did you make Lily’s hat? Both it and she are gorgeous! Emma’s explanation of makeup is hilarious, and Johnny is so articulate now!

    1. This inchworm was a lot of fun! My aunt made Lily’s headband (looks like a hat in that photo). I want to learn how to make one like it!

      Johnny’s speech has improved by leaps and bounds this fall – so wonderful to see!

  2. That is one of the cutest pictures ever of Lily! In the top picture we are looking at a little inchworm (caterpillar of the geometer moth) that I found on our leaf blower bag. The kids thought it was really funny how it inches along.

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