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Emma, Johnny, and Lily Quotes:Baby Rocks


Playing with Uncle J. in Arizona

Here are a few favorite Emma, Johnny, and Lily quotes from our Nevada-Arizona trip:

In the car, driving from Las Vegas, NV to Mesa, AZ:
Emma: How much farther to Arizona?
Mama: We’re already in Arizona, but we still have to drive about three and a half hours to get to Gilbert, where we’re staying.
Emma: Gilbert? That’s a funny word! (in a low voice), “Hi, I’m Gilbert!”

Also in the car, on the way to Mesa, AZ:
Johnny: Look, green rocks!
Emma (pointing to a pile of gravel): And look, baby rocks!

Watching “Curious George”:
Johnny: Oh wow, his dad [the man in the yellow hat] is a superhero!

Grumpy from riding in the car for three and a half hours (with two and a half hours to go):
Emma: I do NOT want cactus to grow! No, no, no! Cactus do not grow! I do NOT want cactus to ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever (dramatic huff), ever, ever, ever grow! No! No! This is NOT fun! Oh, man… I do not ever want to go (humph) see cactus!

Singing, still riding in the car, apparently having worked through her bad mood:
Emma: Donuts in my freezer, donuts in my freezer! So many donuts for me to eat! Candy canes, candy canes, yum, yum yum! This is all the candy that I eat!
We do not have (and never have had) donuts in our freezer, but she did charm a munchkin donut from a Dunkin Donuts employee at the Boston Airport!

Riding through a tunnel near Phoenix, AZ:
Emma: This is my favorite tunnel! Dada’s favorite, too! So many lights, twenty-six!
Johnny (as we exit the tunnel): We are in a tunnel.
Emma: John, look out the window! We are not! We are in a coconut [palm tree] forest!
Johnny (as we drive under an overpass): Woah, we are in our favorite tunnel!
Lily: Favorite tunnel! (clapping) And out! Tunnel… FAVORITE tunnel! Woah!

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  1. Love the picture in this post!

    My faves are Curious George and the tunnel conversation. Your kids are very entertaining :-)!!

  2. Elisa | blissfulE

    Car quotes are the best! Love the cactus tirade. :) So dramatic. And Lily adding to the tunnel conversation! How fun to have a third opinion chiming in.

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