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Emma, Johnny, and Lily Quotes: Baby Puzza

Johnny lying on his snow "bed"

Johnny lying on his snow "bed"

Watching Mike make lunch:
Johnny: When I’m a Dada, I won’t know how to cook. Just like how Mamas don’t know how to juggle.

Discussing the future:
Lily: When I grow up, I want to be nothing.
Johnny: When I grow up, I want to have big teeth.

Johnny: We should name our baby Puzza. That’s a cool name!
Lily: No, it’s not.

Johnny: At my next birthday party, I don’t want any grown-ups. Because with grown-ups it’s no fun.

Catching up at bedtime:
Mike: What did you like in kindergarten, today, Emma?
Emma: My math test.

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19 thoughts on “Emma, Johnny, and Lily Quotes: Baby Puzza”

  1. Love your kids’ quotes, especially the grown-ups not being at birthday parties. J is completely opposite. He always wants to invite his teachers.

  2. I love these! When I was pregnant with Katherine, Caroline wanted to name her Hippo! Wouldn’t the world be a funny place if we let our big kids name the babies :) I needed a laugh today- these quotes were perfect!

  3. Math TEST in K?! I walked into my daughters K class to volunteer the other day and they were having a test too and one little girl was crying, so traumatic!

    Kids say the cutest things! I love the “our baby” and gender roles ; ) so great – reminds me of Family Circus. You are going to have something very similar to Family Circus soon!

  4. Elisa | blissfulE

    Even though the news from my parents is particularly difficult just now, I couldn’t help but smile seeing Johnny on his “bed.”

    Puzza is a pretty cool name!

    1. I’m glad he made you smile – that would make HIM smile!

      We are all keeping you and your parents in our prayers.

  5. Her math test? That is cute. Abby hates math right now, which is so sad. She’s making it harder than it needs to be.

    LOL about naming the baby Puzza.

  6. I can’t begin to explain how much happiness it brings me to hear that the thing that Emma liked the most that day was her math test.

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