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Emma’s first math worksheet

Emma first math worksheet

I made this worksheet up for Emma to work on Saturday afternoon while I mopped the floor. Emma aced the letters of the alphabet long before her second birthday, but she only recently became interested in numbers. We had a sheet of small animal stickers, so I chose a few of the animals from the sheet, wrote a number, drew the animal (pardon my poor artistry), and then drew little boxes to put the stickers in. She loved this activity, and was able to complete it with no trouble. I think next time I may leave the boxes off and see how she does.

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7 thoughts on “Emma’s first math worksheet”

  1. @Ally – Emma learned her letters mainly from watching “Signing Time” and the Leapfrog “Letter Factory” DVD, you could check if your library has either of those DVDs. The Lettter Factory DVD is especially good, Emma even learned the sounds of the letters, although I haven’t made any attempt to use that knowledge to teach her to read.

  2. Your artistry was fine. Didn’t Emma find the thing pictured? It is a cute worksheet and I’ll bet she had fun doing it.

  3. Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog

    Fabulous! Your poor artistry? Are you kidding? It looks great, and Emma is doing very well with her numbers. :-)

  4. Thats awesome!

    Any tips on teaching letters? Elijah knows a lot but still needs some help.

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