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Embracing the cold

Emma and Johnny work on their ice fort

Up until last month, getting my kids outdoors in anything less than ideal weather was a chore. But this winter has dragged on, and on, and on (our yard still looks like this, even as I see that the children of fellow bloggers in other parts of the country run about in t-shirts and shorts and summer dresses…). And, finally, all three children have learned to embrace the cold!

Emma and Johnny work on their ice fort

Can you believe that Mike chipped the massive blocks of ice that the kids used to build their ice fort off of our roof last Sunday?!

Lily graces Dada with a kiss

Lily says, “Thanks, Dada! I love you!”

Johnny throwing snowballs at the house

All three kids even insisted in going out in a recent ice rain storm – and had a blast! Johnny especially enjoyed throwing snowballs at the house…

Emma plays in freezing rain

And Emma reveled in the waterproof benefits of wearing a “noisy” coat for once!

Lily, my greatest outdoors enthusiast

Lily deserves the credit for this sudden change of heart. My outdoors-loving sweetie loves to go out first thing in the morning, regardless of temperature, rain, sleet, or snow – and she’s getting better and better at convincing Emma and Johnny to come along!

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15 thoughts on “Embracing the cold”

  1. Oh wow, the ice chunks are huge! That is awesome that Lily is getting Johnny and Emma to try new things.

  2. Elisa | blissfulE

    How awesome that Lily is mixing things up and encouraging big brother and sister to try something new… then find they enjoy it!! Great photos!

  3. Whatever happened to that groundhog prediction??? It’s awesome that everyone learned to enjoy snow to a degree. Lily looks like a true nature girl :)

  4. Both of my girls are in shorts and short sleeve shirts or summer dresses and we have been sweating since the middle of February….it is crazy…

  5. With winter dragging on, we have had to embrace the cold too. Our snow is gone…for now and hopefully spring will be here soon!

  6. That’s some serious ice! We had a few days of melting and then got another 18″ or so of snow last week. I have to admit, I haven’t gotten outside with my son too much, though my husband probably has more since he does the after-school routine. Parker loves using our huge icicles as knight lances!

  7. We’re one of the short-sleeved shirts blogs, and occasionally I’m jealous of the kids up North getting to play in the snow like in these pictures, and then I think about the cold.

    I don’t like cold. There’s a reason I’m in Texas.

  8. That is some big chunks of ice! We’ve had some of those kids playing outside in t-shirts, shorts, and summer dresses. The other day (it was still Feb.), I was literally sweating! In Feb! I just hope it doesn’t mean a ridiculously hot summer.

  9. I hear you! My girls have taken to riding their bikes in our driveway despite the cold temps. As long as the sun is shining they are out there. Stay warm! Spring is coming…hopefully!

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