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An Easy Way to Introduce Watercolors and Monet

Aquarelle Monet review: an easy way to introduce watercolors and Monet.

Aquarelle Monet review: an easy way to introduce kids to watercolors and Monet

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Using Aquarelle Monet to Introduce Kids to Watercolors and Monet

All four of my children love art, so I was excited to use Aquarelle Monet to introduce them to watercolors. I received this set to review.

I always keep watercolors in our art supplies, but this was our first attempt at structured watercolor painting. Aquarelle makes watercolor painting accessible through the use of vividly colored liquid watercolors, a color mixing guide, and water resist guide lines on their projects.

Note: Watercolors and Easy Aren’t Exactly Synonyms

I said at the beginning of this post that this is an easy way to introduce kids to watercolors and Monet. This is the easiest introduction to structured watercolor painting that I have found. However, it still requires some skill and quite a bit of patience – as well as tolerance for imperfections.

Water resist lines make watercolor painting a breeze with Aquarelle Monet

Ten-year-old Emma was excited about this project, because she loves Monet and impressionist art. She quickly learned that, even with guide lines and liquid paints, watercolor requires a solid knowledge of painting techniques and color mixing. Emma opted to do her best with her limited knowledge and accept the imperfect results. She liked her final painting enough to hang it on her wall.

Easy watercolor painting for kids with Aquarelle Monet

Nine-year-old Johnny adores precision. Watercolors are not precise, and he found this activity very challenging. He started the painting below, but found it so frustrating the he passed it on to four-year-old Anna. Anna was more than happy to complete the painting, primarily by ignoring the guidelines and instructions. The paints are so beautiful that this is still a nice piece of art for her to have up on her wall.

A four-year-old plus nine-year-old Aquarelle Monet collaboration

Seven-year-old Lily is a very patient child who pays a lot of attention to detail. See, for example, this felt doll that she sewed. She was able to mix the colors so that they look quite close to the original, and she has mostly stayed inside the lines. She is, however, painting very slowly. She stared this painting on December 5th, and it is not yet finished. I’ll try to update this post whenever she does complete the project.

Introduce kids to Monet with this fun watercolor painting set.

Do We Recommend the Aquarelle Monet Set?

This set was a complete frustration for one of my children, one child has not finished, and the third turned it into a much easier project. I do still recommend Aquarelle Monet. The set remains a great way to introduce kids to Monet. A patient child who can forgive their mistakes will really enjoy this activity. Children who are frustrated by the activity will develop a new appreciation for how much work is required for “real” art.

Would your children enjoy this activity?

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  1. I love how you turned your child’s frustration into a learning moment – art is rarely as easy as it looks.

  2. Natalie PlanetSmartyPants

    It cracks me up to see how different your kids’ temperaments are when it comes to art. The projects look beautiful!

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