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Easy Summer Fun for Kids: Water Paint and More

Water paint is the least stressful kids’ painting activity out there!

Painting with water - a fun summer activity for kids

How to Paint with Water

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Now that we are well into summer, I am always looking for easy summer fun for kids! Water painting is one of the simplest activities, and my kids love it!

This fun classic children’s activity is low prep and low mess. You don’t even have to provide proper paint brushes – if you look closely you will see that my girls are painting with dried out bamboo from our little garden!

I love this activity because it gets kids outside, helps them think creatively, but is also a very forgiving art form.

Painting on a vertical surface (like our sliding door) is also a great way to start a conversation about gravity!

Painting on concrete shows up really well, and kids can work together to create big art.

The hotter the day, the more quickly their art vanishes! Give your kids large paintbrushes and encourage them to “paint” the house with water – it’s a great gross motor exercise!

Getting creative - paint with water

More Summer Fun

Here are a few more low-key activities we are enjoying:

We spend as much time as possible outdoors in the summer, but sometimes it is too hot, too rainy, or a sibling is napping so we are stuck indoors. Here are our favorite indoor summer activities:

What are your favorite low-key summer activities for kids?

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13 thoughts on “Easy Summer Fun for Kids: Water Paint and More”

  1. We have this Zen board where you paint with water and then it dries and disappears. What a good reminder to paint with water. It’s fun and relaxing!

  2. I’m curious about those bamboo brushes. Do you do anything special to the tip?
    Outside is fun but we tend to go out later when it gets cooler but I forgot about the sprinkler. That is an easy, fun, and cool one. Thanks for all the suggestions!

  3. Geocaching is our new favorite thing! The kids also did a little painting outside the other day. It’s not Summer here, but when the sun is shining, it’s sometimes warmer outside than in!

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