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Easy Spring Sensory Play Idea

This simple organic spring sensory play idea highlights the joy of the season.

Introduce kids to plant biology with this easy spring sensory play idea!

Has spring arrived where you live yet? I love seeing blossoms on trees. Then they fall to the ground and it looks like snow. It’s the closest thing to snow you’ll find here in Silicon Valley! The sidewalks near our condo were covered with blossoms. Three-year-old Anna and I took a bowl out and scooped a bunch in for fun and easy spring sensory play.

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Easy Spring Sensory Play Idea

There are so many sensory materials you can find for free in nature! I love this spring themed sensory play idea.

Anna surprised me by searching through the blossoms to find the stems, with stamen (those are the little things sticking up) and sepals (those are the leaf-like things at the top of the stem) still attached. Her excitement over these flower stems made me want to get her a Montessori Flower Puzzle, but I actually think this DIY felt flower parts puzzle (or paper puzzle – you could just print out the templates without then cutting them out of felt) is better. I wanted to find a nice book about the different parts of the flower. The Magic School Bus Plants Seeds: A Book About How Living Things Grow is a great companion book for this activity – do you know of any others that you recommend?

Very fun spring themed sensory exploration for littles.

Anna played and played with the petal-free flowers, making them into imaginary bridal bouquets and laying them out to count.

Biology for littles: spring themed nature sensory play

It doesn’t get much better than nature-created sensory play items that double as math manipulatives!

Once she had exhausted the potential she saw in the stems, Anna finally turned to the flower petals, which she also thoroughly enjoyed:

Spring blossoms make a wonderful sensory play experience for kids.

I took a short video so you could see some of this play in action:

Crafts on Sea has a great round-up of more sensory play with flowers ideas!

What spring sensory play ideas are your kids enjoying? We are finally getting some rain after a long drought, and the kids LOVE playing outside in the rain. They collect rain in containers and splash in puddles. We even have a rain gauge that my eight-year-old son made.

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  1. Oh, I have a great book on how seeds move around, but I’m not remembering the title offhand. I’d have to look it up. I can visualize the cover, and the illustrations, but not clearly enough to tell you the title.

  2. Natalie PlanetSmartyPants

    We definitely love this time of the year with flowers and rain showers, but we start missing the sun just a little bit :)

  3. Elisa | blissful E

    How clever of Johnny to make a rain gauge! The images in this post are stunning. Sadly, I got an error message when I tried to watch the video. Nature inspires in so many ways!!!

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