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Easy-sew Princess Gown

Emma loves Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”, and has been begging for a “Belle dress” for several weeks now. She seems to care mainly about dress length and color, so I ignored the overall design, added long sleeves, and used an entirely different but much more comfortable fabric. I don’t remember what the fabric was called at my local store, but it was something very similar to this, machine washable and dry-able (on low heat).

I used the pink fleece dress I made as a pattern, adding length to the skirt, omitting the panels, adding ties to the back, and widening the sleeves at the ends (for a dramatic flair).

Here are the pieces laid out on the table (ignore the pile of scraps by Emma’s hands). There are two of each piece, for a total of six pattern pieces.


  1. Sew edges and one end of ties and turn right side out
  2. Sew shoulders together
  3. Hem neckline (I used a decorative zig-zag stitch)
  4. Gather sleeves
  5. Attach sleeves
  6. Baste in ties (or pin them in very carefully)
  7. Sew edges – from end of sleeve to end of hem on each side.
  8. Finish hems on arms and bottom of dress (I used the same decorative zig-zag stitch that I used on the neckline)

Result: A very happy toddler

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MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

4 thoughts on “Easy-sew Princess Gown”

  1. Thanks everyone! I did make this without a paper pattern – I actually tend to lose patience with paper patterns (I’m not a very patient person). I’m planning to write a post on this technique soon…It is fun to sew for such a beautiful, appreciative little model :)

  2. Did you do this without a pattern? I mean a paper pattern? I am seriously impressed. The thought of sewing any article of clothing without a pattern is scary to me. Wow! And it’s gorgeous, too. I can see why any self-respecting princess (a.k.a. little girl) would love it.

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