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Easy Overalls to Dress Sewing Tutorial with Photos

Photographed step by step easy overalls to dress sewing tutorial. Click this text for more sewing tutorials.

overalls turned into a jumper

Turn Too Small Overalls Into a Dress: Step by Step Tutorial

My daughter Emma had a beloved pair of overalls that were too small. We decided to turn them into a dress to add in a little more wear time. The transformation was straightforward and pretty quick. Here’s how we did it!

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How to Upcycle Overalls Into a Jumper

overall to dress sewing tutorial

Turning an old pair of overalls into a denim jumper is one of the easier clothing upcycles. You keep all of the seams except the inner leg seams, and the bottom half of the pants becomes the middle of the skirt. Here’s how it works.

overall to dress sewing tutorial
  1. Cut the bottom half of the overall pants off. Make sure you allow enough fabric for a hem along the bottom of the skirt.
  2. Rip out the inside seam or (and I prefer this) simply cut that seam out.
  3. Take the cut off pant legs and pin one to the front and one to the back. Be sure to fold the edge of the pant leg under and line the center seam of the overalls up with the outside seam of the pant leg.
  4. Stitch along the pinned line. I recommend doing this on the outside of the garment, so you can make sure everything lines up as expected.
  5. Cut off any extra fabric from the bottom of the pant leg.
  6. Hem the denim jumper skirt.

And that’s it! An easy, fun, and clothing life extending upcycle.

girl in overalls upcycled to a jumper

It’s always a joy to see a child enjoy a favorite article of clothing a little longer. And I enjoy a good upcycle project.

Please share photos if you use this tutorial to upcycle overalls to a dress.

step by step sewing tutorial

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