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Easy Ornaments for Kids to Make This Christmas

These pipe cleaner ornaments are some of my favorite easy ornaments for kids to make. There’s room for children to get creative with their designs, and it’s a virtually mess free craft. This also makes a wonderful fine motor practice Christmas craft.

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pipe cleaner christmas ornaments

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Easy Ornaments for Kids to Make Using Pipe Cleaners

Pipe cleaners are so easy for kids to use, and I love that they rarely result in a big mess. They are also a relatively inexpensive, and easy to store, craft material. Here are three cute pipe cleaner ornaments that my children enjoy making for our tree.

Star Ornament

Star pipe cleaner tree ornament

This star ornament is super easy! Fold one end over to create a hook, and then shape out the five points of your star (or more points, if you want to be fancy and have a long enough pipe cleaner!

Make this ornament out of metallic pipe cleaners for extra shine on your tree.

Jingle Bell Ornament

Jingle bells ornament

Even young children can thread items on pipe cleaners. My kids loved stringing cheerios on them when they were small!

For this Christmas ornament, we strung jingle bells onto a single pipe cleaner. We left a little space between the bells to show off that pretty red (again metallic, because shiny and Christmas just go together). At the end, twist your shape into a heart.

jingle bell heart ornament

It works well if you can set this up so you have a single bell hanging down in the top and bottom center to emphasize the heart shape.

Tiny Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Ornament

Christmas tree ornament kids can make

This little tree is the only ornament that really can get a little messy since it includes sequins. You can control the mess by only giving each child a few sequins.

This is another stringing craft. This time you’re stringing sequins instead of bells.

Stringing sequins might take a little more dexterity, so pay attention to the fine motor skills of the children you are working with when deciding whether or not to include that element. You can also have kids simply twist the pipe cleaner into a tree shape.

make a pipe cleaner tree

If you do use sequins, see if you can set them up so that you have a couple at the top to make a star, like we did.

You an attach a hook for hanging, set this ornament on a tree branch, or use it in a little Christmas village.

More Easy Ornaments Kids Can Make

Making ornaments is such a great way to help kids stay patient as they count down the days until Christmas! Here area. few other fun ornaments that my children enjoy making.

Christmas Ornaments Kids Love Making

Easy and fun Christmas decorations for the kids to make.

easy christmas ornaments kids can make

I’d love to see photos if you make any of these easy ornaments with your children! Do you have any other favorites we should try?

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