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How to Make a No Sew Fleece Blanket with Fringe

This single layer no-sew fringed fleece blanket makes a wonderful quick and easy DIY gift.

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DIY fleece blanket handmade gift

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You can easily personalize these blankets for the recipient by finding the right fleece color or pattern.

When Anna was born, the teenage girls at church made her a very simple, single-layer fleece blanket with fringe. It was the perfect stroller blanket, as well as a great play on the floor blanket, and Anna still loves to take naps with it! I thought the design was very clever, and I hadn’t seen it before. It was pretty easy to deconstruct, and today I’m sharing a tutorial so you can make one of these simple np sew fleece blankets yourself.

easy fleece blanket tutorial

How to Make a Single Layer Fringed Fleece Blanket Craft

I bought some fabric for Emma to make one for my niece who is due to arrive any day now, and we took pictures of the steps so that you can make one of your own! I love that the edges look fancy but are so easy that even an eight-year-old can put this blanket together, with a little scissor help from an adult.

Single Layer No-Sew Fleece Blanket with Fringe Tutorial

Step one of making a no-sew fleece blanket from a single length of fleece

Step 1: Start with a length of fleece fabric. Ours was a 1.5 yard length we bought at JoAnn Fabric and Crafts. Cut off the selvage, then cut small squares out at each corner. The sides of the square should be equal to the length you want your fringe to be. Our fringe is about five inches long.

Making a no-sew fleece blanket from a single length of fleece - step 2, cutting the fringe

Step 2: Cut your fringe. We cut ours roughly one and a half inches wide, and five inches deep. Fold it over as you cut it, as shown above. This helps you keep your fringe the same length (assuming you are too lazy to measure, like me). It also means you have everything ready for Step 3.

Making a no-sew fleece blanket from a single length of fleece - step 3, making notches

Step 3: Cut a small notch in the center of each fringe piece – on the fold that you made in step 2.

Making a no-sew fleece blanket from a single length of fleece - the fringe flips in on itself.

Cut notches all the way around the blanket. You are now ready for step 4.

Flipping the decorative fringe on a no-sew fleece blanket

Step 4: Pick up your blanket, and find one length of fringe. Find the notch you cut, and flip the same length of fringe through the notch – like those fancy flipped through pony tails.

tutorial for making a no-sew blanket from a single length of fleece - simple enough for a child to do!

In the photo above, Emma threads the end of her fringe through the hole. In the photo below she straightens it out:

This no-sew fleece blanket is a simple craft that kids can make as baby gifts or even birthday presents for friends.

BHere is a close up of the flipped through fringe:

Closeup of the flipped fringe on the decorative edge of a no-sew fleece blanket.

And here you see one fringe that has been flipped, and others that are waiting. Make sure you flip all your fringes in the same direction (with the same side of the blanket up).

One flipped fringe; others waiting. Tutorial for a no-sew fleece blanket.

A No-Sew DIY Gift for All Ages

This is a quick and easy craft that makes a fun DIY baby gift! It’s also a great diy gift that kids can make to give as birthday presents for friends! Most of the no-sew fleece blankets that I have seen are double layer, which makes them very warm. The knots on the double blankets often come untied; this fringe stays put much more easily.

No-sew fleece blanket tutorial at mamasmiles.com

Have you ever made this easy fringed fleece blanket? Do you have a favorite quick and easy craft that you like to make, or that you have your kids make as DIY gifts? This DIY texture book is another favorite easy baby present. If you’re willing to put in some more time and effort, this crocheted baby pattern is adorable.

I would love to see photos if you use our tutorial to make blankets!

This single layer no-sew fringed fleece blanket makes a wonderful quick and easy DIY gift. #handmadechristmas #DIYgifts #diyholidays #fleece #easycrafts #nosew

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  3. This a a great gift idea for kids to make! The ponytail description was really helpful in understanding the flip through.

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    What a sweet little baby gift. Those simple things become so special.
    Love this no sew blanket for the kiddos to have a try. I’ve seen these. Now I know the trick.

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