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Easy Giraffe Sewing Pattern and Giraffe Coloring Page

Have you heard of World Giraffe Day? Celebrated on June 21st because that is (often) the longest day of the year, this event celebrates this fascinating animal and provides awareness and support for giraffe in the wild. Today I am sharing this easy Giraffe sewing pattern and giraffe coloring page so you can prepare to celebrate in style with your kids!

Felt stuffies are great first sewing projects for kids!

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Easy Giraffe Sewing Pattern and Giraffe Coloring Page

Felt stuffies are wonderful first sewing sewing projects for kids! Needles slide through felt very easily and felt does not unravel, so kids can focus on making small enough stitches that are close enough together – no small task for beginners! I put together an easy giraffe sewing pattern, and Johnny was able to sew and stuff his giraffe in a single afternoon!

fun kid sewing project: giraffe stuffie

We decided to make giraffes after reading Giraffes Can’t Dance together – a very fun book, if you haven’t read it! This project actually started off as a simple coloring page, but Lily wanted to sew, not color, so we made some changes to create this easy felt stuffie pattern (click on the image below to download):

giraffe stuffie with free pattern - fun for kids to sew

Johnny finished his in a few hours. He chose to leave off all decorations, sewing only undecorated felt. He can always add a face and spots if he chooses to later, either using felt or fabric markers. He sewed and stuffed the giraffe all on his own, and then after he was finished I reinforced the stitching in a few areas.

This simple project makes a great child-made gift! If you use white felt, your child has a blank canvas to decorate however they like with fabric markers!

simple sewing projects are great for kids!

Lily started hers, but hasn’t finished yet. She seems to agree with Johnny that this giraffe should be monochrome. Tiny stitches require a lot of concentration!

Emma wasn’t in the mood to sew at all, but she made a very colorful giraffe using my original coloring page:

giraffe coloring page for kids

Johnny also decorated a giraffe. I love that he stayed pretty traditional for most of the giraffe, but then added whimsical feet, ears, and horns.

Free giraffe coloring page

How will your kids color their giraffes? Print out a page, and see where they decide to go with it!

How do your kids like to spend a quiet afternoon?

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Celebrate World Giraffe Day on June 21st this year. I have joined bloggers from around the world in this quirky blog hop to give you some ideas of interesting crafts and activities for children of all ages.

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23 thoughts on “Easy Giraffe Sewing Pattern and Giraffe Coloring Page”

  1. Helen from Witty Hoots

    Thanks for joining in with the World Giraffe Day Quirky Blog Hop. What a great idea for sewing and colouring in as well.

  2. Your giraffes are lovely! Sewing is such a wonderful activity to stimulate the brain and develop motor skills. Nice to see another boy sewing. MacGyver is crazy about sewing and makes his own animal patterns. He’s on a quest to make life like fish. I must say his flat flounder is awesome.

  3. I absolutely love that your boy sews! I want to introduce sewing here too :) And Emma’s Giraffe has to be my favorite!

    1. I love her giraffe too :)

      I think most boys would enjoy sewing, given the chance. Sharp objects and then a power tool when they move onto sewing machines – what’s not to love?

  4. Oh how fun!! Niobe may enjoy this. Now I can purchase that felt I have been eyeing at Micheal’s. Thanks Mamasmiles!

  5. Love the book and the printable MaryAnne! If you had fabric crayons you could combine your coloring page with the sewing project!

  6. This is such a great idea! My boys were both asking me to teach them how to sew. Thanks so much for showing me a wonderful way to teach them. I love this post!

  7. Elisa | blissfulE

    I too am impressed with Johnny’s sewing! Such perseverance and attention to detail! Great work! The coloured giraffes look fantastic, too.

  8. almostunschoolers

    I absolutely love this! I printed off a few of the sheets for coloring (and perhaps a softie or two) – I think I’ll leave them on the printer, and see what happens :)

  9. Natalie PlanetSmartyPants

    I am impressed that Johnny was able to sew up his giraffe on his own. This is a lot of concentration and fine motor work. It looks lovely!

  10. This is absolutely lovely that you sharing this with other parents! As an art teacher for many years, I love to incorporate the sewing projects with my elementary students! Sometimes boys can be resistant to try it…but all of them later said me a big thank you for teaching us how to sew!

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