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Easy DIY Hot Glue Earrings Tutorial

These DIY earrings are easy to make, and you’d never guess that they’re made out of hot glue! You’ll love this simple hot glue earrings tutorial.

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DIY hot glue earring tutorial

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These earrings are easy to make, even if you haven’t used hot glue much before.

I first made hot glue earrings while I was at Creativation earlier this year. Surebonder generously sent me a high detail high heat glue gun and a bunch of their hot glue (colored and clear) to play with after the event.

I’ve come up with some fun hot glue projects for kids. but these earrings are still my favorite! They also make a fantastic tween craft; my 12-year-old daughter loves making and wearing these!

DIY Hot Glue Earrings

You'd never guess that these DIY earrings are made out of hot glue!

Hot Glue Earring Types

The three earrings above showcase three different techniques. You use the same materials for all three types:

1) Cut When Cool Hot Glue Earrings

This earring style is the type I learned at Creativation. You make a large puddle of hot glue, let it cool, and then cut it to your favorite shape using ordinary craft scissors. This technique is especially great if you want to make sure your earrings are exactly the same size.

For the orange and clear earrings you see above, I added a clear hot glue stick right after an orange hot glue stick was almost completely used up. It takes a while to work the orange hot glue out of the system, creating a pretty swirl technique. You just want to make sure that you keep your hot glue puddle relatively symmetrical since you will eventually cut it into two earrings.

Punch holes, add jump rings and hooks, and enjoy.

2) Roughly Matching Asymmetrical Earrings

Surebonder’s glitter glue was perfect for this set of earrings! I made two rectangle-ish shapes that mostly matched. Earrings don’t have to be identical, because you can’t see both sides of your face at once super well, but you want them to be close.

Punch holes, add jump rings and hooks, and enjoy.

3) Bicolor Earrings

This is the earring project that may work better with a low temp glue gun. My friend Gwen made this set by making yellow circles, then adding clear hot glue afterwards. A lower temp glue gun is more likely to preserve the round shape of the first set of circles.

I used this same technique for the blue and clear earrings at the top of the post, only I had sliced the blue you see off of the edges of a set of all-blue earrings I had made earlier. I used a high temp glue gun for this project, and you can see how the edges of the blue pieces started to blur into the clear glue.

As with the glitter earrings, you’re going for an approximate rather than an exact match.

Punch holes, add jump rings and hooks, and enjoy this whimsical set of earrings.

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Have you ever tried making hot glue earrings? I’d love to see photos! 

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