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An Easy Beginner Wood Burning Craft

Learn a new skill with this easy beginner wood burning craft. It’s simple enough for responsible tweens or teens to make with supervision.

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Easy Beginner Woodburning Craft

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Initial Blocks: An Easy Beginner Wood Burning Craft

wood burning initials

My 13-year-old made these initial blocks, and I decided to share them here as an easy introduction to woodburning.

We used a soldering iron because that’s what we had on hand, but you’ll have an easier time with a proper woodburning tool like this Walnut Hollow set.

Pay attention to size when selecting your wood slices for this project.

Wood Burning Designs

practicing woodburning technique

Start with straight lines (the letter “A” is perfect), short dashes, dots and other simple designs for your first attempt.

If you are using a wood burning kit, experiment with different tips. You will likely find some easier to work with than others.

It can also be helpful to have a spare piece of wood to use as a space to practice your wood burning technique before creating your designs.

wood burning designs

Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to move on to fancier edging and curved lines.

woodburning designs

We found curved edging the most challenging, but my daughter even managed this scalloped edge, and the cursive letter “L”.

We made these to hang on doors, but you can also burn or drill a hole through to top to turn them into Christmas tree ornaments.

We do have plans to eventually upgrade to a proper wood burning kit, particularly after trying this Walnut Hollow set out at Craftcation earlier this year.

Have you ever tried wood burning? Do you have any fun designs or techniques to share?

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