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Easy Art for Kids: Sticker Mosaic Scenes

These sticker scenes make a great quick and easy art activity for kids! I love how open-ended this activity is – we use it on road trips. It’s also a great activity to have in your bag for waiting rooms and restaurants. Check out the list at the end of this post for more quick, easy, and highly portable DIY kids’ activities.

Quick and easy art for kids

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This sticker mosaic art activity is one of my favorite easy crafts for kids! All you need are round dot color coding stickers and some paper. Scissors and pens or markers can be added for further creativity.

Easy Art for Kids: Sticker Mosaic Scenes

Sticker mosaic art - a great easy art activity for kids

One thing I especially love about this art activity for kids is that it is completely open-ended! You can create a mosaic style scene, or use the stickers as portions of a drawing. My daughter Lily used the stickers to create a beach scene, as shown above. Johnny created an action-filled scene, where the stickers were colorful accessories rather than the main feature.

This quick and easy art activity is great for kids of all ages!

This activity is super portable! We love it for road trips and doctor’s office waiting rooms.

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What are your favorite quick and easy art for kids activities? How about a favorite on-the-go activity that I should add to my list? I love to see photos, suggestions, and ideas in the comments below and on my Facebook page. You can also tag me on Instagram

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