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Easy and Fun Crazy Hair Day Do

Use pipe cleaners for an easy and fun Crazy Hair Day do!

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easy and fun sensory hair day do for long hair

Our pipe cleaner crazy hair day last year was such a success that both Emma and Lily opted for pipe cleaners for their crazy hair day dos this year. Both girls went for blue and white pipe cleaners this year, which was a little tamer than all the colors from last year. I divided their hair into three groups, rolled it into a loose (very loose, in Emma’s case) bun, and then pinned it in place (you can see one of Emma’s bobby pins). Emma was going for crazy unruly but out of the way so she could run and play. Lily wanted to make waves for dolphins to play in, in keeping with her lifelong dream of owning a pet dolphin.

Kindergarten crazy hair day do

I am pleased to say that both hairdos stayed put all day! The key was twisting the hair between the pipe cleaners and then pinning up. Lily’s hairdo looked very neat throughout the day; Emma’s looser do came a bit undone, but still stayed mostly in place.

third grade crazy hair day do

One of lily’s classmates came to school wearing a pipe cleaner headband with cat ears – also very fun! If you are looking for a chemical-free crazy hair day hairdo, grab some pipe cleaners, bobby pins, and get creative!

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  1. I first heard of crazy hair day when I went to a kindergarten open house and they held that event. It looked super fun, and pipe cleaners is a great idea!

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