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Favorite U.S. East Coast Family Destinations for Winter

This holiday season, take advantage of your family time and vacation in one of these amazing U.S. East Coast family destination cities.

This holiday season, take advantage of your family time and vacation to one of these amazing U.S. East Coast family destination cities for this winter. #familytravel #EastCoast #travelblogger #travelwithkids

I’ve been offline this week for good reason. We’re still busy unpacking, and tomorrow I bring home our family puppy! So today you get a guest post from Hannah Parker to tide you over till we get up some puppy pictures!

Hannah is a writer for trekbible and dreams of being an investigative journalist, or maybe a world traveling videographer, or perhaps the next voice of NPR; basically Hannah wants to be a multimedia journalist. Her voice is too big for her small body so she likes to stand on tall surfaces and shout very, very loudly. Hannah has many passions (some including poetry and the occasional chicken nugget or two) but is always searching for her next hobby.

Our Favorite U.S. East Coast Family Destination Cities

Finding time to travel with family is no easy task. That’s why we love the Christmas season. It’s one of the only times of the year when everyone’s guaranteed to have space on the calendar. That being said, it can be expensive to travel with the whole gang, especially in big cities. Thankfully, there are a ton of affordable destinations that are perfect for your family adventures.

This holiday season, take advantage of your family time and vacation to one of these amazing U.S. cities for this winter.

Williamsburg, Virginia

The adorable little town of Williamsburg, Virginia is perfect for your family’s winter vacation. Unlike big cities during the holidays, Williamsburg is quiet and cozy while still offering fun activities for the whole family. The historic town gets dressed up for the Christmas season with lights strung across the buildings and wreaths hanging on every door.

Visit Colonial Williamsburg and take a carriage ride as you snuggle up with your loved ones, or go ice skating for some active fun. If you’re looking for something a little more fast paced, Williamsburg is also home to the amusement park Busch Gardens. This park is known for holiday festivities that welcome all ages. During the winter season, they host specialty rides, Rudolph’s Winter Wonderland, Santa’s Workshop, special Christmas plays and musicals, and more. Williamsburg is a perfect family destination for the winter to avoid the bustle and expenses of the city but still have a fun time!

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Lancaster is a town with a character of its own as it’s in the Amish country of Pennsylvania. People riding horses and in carriages cover the streets, and old-time Christmas festivities will fill your vacation itinerary. There are a number of family-friendly farms with animals such as alpacas that kids can pet and feed, and annual light displays to marvel at!

Although alpacas, carriage rides, and old-fashioned clothes are exciting enough, Lancaster also offers a wide range of Christmas shows. This season, you’ll be able to see Christmas shows at the American Music Theatre or the Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre. A visit to Lancaster, Pennsylvania this winter season will be an experience unlike any other.

Annapolis, Maryland

This small town is located along the Chesapeake Bay and offers a long list of fun winter activities, both on and off the water. Annapolis, Maryland is a little bigger than Williamsburg and Lancaster, but it is still affordable to visit with the entire family. As Maryland’s capital, the city has a wide selection of Christmas festivities, so it’s nearly impossible to experience boredom here during the holiday season.

Some of the best attractions in Christmas attractions in Annapolis are the Chocolate Binge Festival, the holiday light display covering Sandy Point State Park, and the Eastport Yacht Club Lights Parade. At this parade, you and your family can hop on a boat that’s decorated in Christmas lights or stay on the sidelines and watch all the magical boats float on the water. Regardless of what you choose, your family will be a part of one of Annapolis’s favorite Christmas celebrations.

The winter time is the perfect time to gather your family together for a snowy adventure. Make sure to visit one of these adorable family-friendly towns for an affordable and memorable family trip.

The Best East Coast Travel Destinations for Families in the Winter

Have you been to any of Hannah’s favorite East Coast family destination cities? Do you have a favorite U.S. East Coast family destination? How about a favorite winter destination anywhere in the world?

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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