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Dragonfly Photos!


For some reason, we have had more dragonflies in our yard this summer than ever before! We haven’t seen any like this orange one Ann saw at Doodles and Jots, but our dragonflies do pose the way hers did! I love seeing them perched on my garden posts – keeping watch over my plants!I was pleased to capture some fun dragonfly photos with the kids. 


Dragonflies are funny looking animals, in part because of their eyes – which can see up to 360 degrees! No sneaking up on a dragonfly! Here Emma is trying to imitate the dragonfly’s expression – I think she came about as close as is possible, as a human!


The kids really enjoy all the different dragonflies, and this one was tamer than the rest for some reason. Emma tried to feed him some grass, but he wasn’t interested.


I explained to her that that is okay, because dragonflies eat mosquitoes!

Do you have dragonflies in your yard this summer?

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

23 thoughts on “Dragonfly Photos!”

  1. Ha! Maybe she was trying to turn it into a vegetarian.
    Thanks for the mention. We have been seen lots more this summer too. I saw some this weekend but didnt get great shots like you here. Wow, amazing!

  2. What a fabulous bunch of photos! We were on vacation in Maine last week and it seemed like there were zillions of dragonflies, but here in the city (Manchester) not so much!
    I’m stopping by from the New England Bloggers Facebook Group to say hello :)
    – Ang, Juggling Act Mama

  3. Haven’t seen any this summer, yet, but I love to see them. I like the poem by Eleanor Farjeon: “When the heat of the summer /Made drowsy the land,/ A dragonfly came/ and sat on my hand . . .”

  4. No we don’t have dragonflies but, we certainly can use them as we have lots of mosquitoes. I am always googling for more ways to get rid of mosquitoes maybe I should just import some dragonflies

  5. We don’t have them in our yard but there are huge ones at Newton North High School’s grass fields I noticed. They are hard to photograph too! I like your photos! I did not know they eat mosquitoes!!

  6. Elisa | blissfulE

    Beautiful shots! Especially Emma eye-to-eye with the dragonfly! :) My kids are very fond of any creatures that eat mosquitos.

  7. Beautiful pictures. I hope your kids enjoy butterflies while they can, because they are not common here unless you are at a lake.

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