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Felt Board Dress-Up Templates

I’ve loved felt boards since I was a little kid! I created these felt board dress-up templates for kids to enjoy. My kids have been playing for our set for a decade now!

felt board dress up templates

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Felt Dress Up Board Materials:

Felt Board Ideas

You don’t actually have to have a felt board to use these – my girls actually love to stick them to our living room couch. But, felt boards are lovely and I’ve featured a bunch over the years. Here are a few you can choose from:

My own kids have always just used our homemade flannel boards, but I played with a storebought one growing up, and the store bought versions are popular in preschools.

Felt Board Dress Up Templates to Download

As you can see, I’ve made a lot of dress up templates over the years! They are quick and easy handmade toys to create, and my children enjoy them.

Felt Dress Up Doll Template

These dress up dolls were actually the last of my dress up templates. My kids really like they way you can swap out their hair.

Felt dress-up doll
Felt dress-up doll

Dress Up Bear Templates

Here is the original dress-up bear! Actually, it’s a little smaller than the original original bear. I wound up downsizing so that we could cut more out of less fabric AND so that they would be easier for the kids to manipulate.

Felt dress-up bear
Felt dress-up bear

Dress Up Gingerbread Man

I created this dress-up Gingerbread Man after we read an Brett’s Gingerbread Baby. It can wear all of the same clothes as the dress up bear.

Felt dress-up gingerbread man
Felt dress-up gingerbread man

Dress Up Clothing

These clothes fit the dress up bear and the gingerbread man. The people I made even smaller, so they have their own clothing.

Boy outfit
Boy outfit

I’ve labeled these “boy outfit” and “girl outfit” but of course you can dress your bears however you like!

Girl outfit
Girl outfit

My kids like to cut the middle of the dress to create a shirt and skirt outfit. We’ll cut out several colors and mix and match.

Winter outfit
Winter outfit

This is as close as my kids come to dressing warmly now that we live in California!

I’d love to see photos if you use these dress up templates with your kids!

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