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Doodle As A Stress Therapy – Learn How To Calm Down Easily

Art is an amazing tool for learning how to calm down easily. Learn how to doodle as a stress therapy – and why it is such an effective tool.

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Doodling as stress therapy

Doing crafts and being creative is a popular activity and hobby for people of all ages. Whether you decide to do some painting, or create some paper plate crafts as Craft Whack explains, being creative can be a lot of fun. 

Not only that, but some can even help you relax and relieve stress. And with nearly three quarters of Americans dealing with stress that hurts their mental health, we can use all the stress relief we can find.

Learn to Calm Down Easily Through Doodling

One of the best examples of relaxing creatively is doodling. It is amazing what a little bit of mindless drawing and sketching can do to your mental health and wellness.

But how does it work? Why does it help you improve your ability to handle stress?

Let’s go over some of the ways that doodle can help those who struggle with stress.

Why Doodling Helps with Stress

Drawing is Calming

The first reason that doodling is often used as a stress therapy is because it can be incredibly calming. Whether you draw an actual picture, or simply glide a pencil over some paper in a unique design or pattern, the act can be very relaxing. The light sounds of the pencil, the pleasing designs and even the sensation of moving it across the page slowly can all be wonderful.

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Most humans are also naturally creative, and will feel at home and relaxed completing drawings like this. We often feel better when at least something we do is creative in nature, and it can help us feel more free.

But… I’m not an artist

Don’t worry if you feel as if you don’t have a ton of drawing skill. The goal here is to relax and allow yourself to unwind, not create something worthy of going into a gallery. Whether it looks good or bad, as long as it calms you down, it’s a win. Over time, you will even begin to see your own drawing skills likely improve, which will only improve how much you enjoy doodling.

doodling as stress therapy

Doodling Can Take Your Mind Off of Stressors

Another reason doodling is so popular is because of what it can do for your mind. Oftentimes we stress because our minds are overrun with thoughts. This could be worrying about work, stressing about a test or even struggling with a personal relationship. Doodling is great because it allows your mind to be free from worrying about these stressors.

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It takes no thought at all to doodle, as you can simply empty your mind and focus on the movement of the pencil or the overall picture you are drawing. Overthinking is common when a person is stressed, and this doodling can give your mind a major break.

Also, if you decide instead to complete a detailed and planned-out drawing, your mind will be focused on completing the drawing, and not the other things bothering you in your life. Because of this, drawing and doodling can also help your focus and concentration as you try your best to ensure each line or bit of shading is done exactly how you want it.

It Can Be Fun and Allows You to Express Yourself

Another way that doodling can help you relax and calm down is simply by being a fun thing to do. It is fun to see a blank page be transformed into a one-of-a-kind piece of art or design, all from your own hand. And when you’re having fun, you are generally experiencing a lot less stress and worry. In fact, things like laughing can actually be a wonderful way to get relief from stress.

So do your best to have fun with the drawing and use colors and designs that will make you smile. Also, being able to express yourself through art and drawing can be a wonderful feeling. When you feel good admiring what you created and have fun doing so, your mind will generally be elsewhere and not worried about the potential stressors in your life at all.

Do you find that doodling helps you calm down and de-stress?

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