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Snowball Sewing Pattern

These DIY fleece snowballs make for fun indoor snowball fights. Post includes a free snowball sewing pattern and step by step tutorial.

fleece snowball sewing tutorial

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Here in California, we really don’t see much snow, but the kids have wonderful memories of playing in the snow in Massachusetts, where we used to live.

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DIY Snowball Step by Step Sewing Tutorial

I decided to make these fleece snowballs to relive these memories. I got the idea from one of Lily’s friends, who has the storebought version. These were easy and quick to make, and every bit as much fun to play with.


snowball sewing tutorial
  • White fleece. Felt will also work, or any white knit, but fleece looks so lovely and fluffy!
  • Poly Fil. I had some left over thanks to Fairfield’s generosity for my juggling ball sewing project. Actually, writing up; that tutorial also gave me the idea for this one!
  • Sewing machine. You can sew these by hand, but the sewing machine is faster!
  • Thread.
  • Sewing needle (only if you decide to turn the snowballs right side out before stitching them closed – more on that in a minute).
  • Wonder clips. You can survive without these, but they will make your job so much easier!

DIY Snowball Pattern

Click on the image above to download the pattern.

Snowball Sewing Instructions

step by step snowball pattern
  1. Cut out your pattern pieces. You need four for each snowball.
  2. Pin two pattern pieces right sides together if you plan to turn at the end (top middle photo). Pin wrong sides together if you plan to trim the edges instead (bottom middle photo)
  3. Stitch the pinned side.
  4. Repeat for the two other pattern pieces. You now have two halves. Pin them together.
  5. Stitch, leaving an opening for stuffing.
  6. Turn right side out, stuff, and hand stitch shut OR stuff with the edges showing, stitch shut on the sewing machine, and then trim the edges.
  7. Start your indoor snowball fight!

Here’s an illustration of the trimming process, if you choose to leave the seams on the outside.

fleece snowball sewing tutorial

I made about half with the seams on the outside and half with the seams on the inside.

California snowballs to sew

The inside seam looks a little neater, but I found the outside seam faster to sew – no turning seams. Plus, fleece is really annoying to sew by hand because it is so tightly woven!

My kids seem to like both types of handmade snowball equally well. I’d love to see photos if you use our tutorial!

I created this tutorial as part of the Sew a Softie for the Festive Season blog hop.

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