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DIY Polymer Clay Yoda Tutorial

Make this cute DIY polymer clay Yoda with the kids to celebrate May the Fourth Be With You Day!

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Polymer clay yoda tutorial. Make this cute DIY polymer clay yoda with the kids to celebrate May the Fourth Be With You Day!

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Happy May the Fourth Be With You Day! Star Wars day is always fun for nerds like me, and over the years we’ve had all sorts of Star Wars themed family fun. Today we’re celebrating with a tutorial for a simple DIY polymer clay Yoda tutorial. Yoda featured prominently in bedtime stories in our house for years, and Mike has a crocheted Yoda I made a couple years ago in his office.

Crochet Yoda now has an even smaller friend in Polymer Clay Yoda, although Polymer Clay Yoda is held by Mike’s LEGO Wall-E. We are nerds.

How to Make a Tiny Yoda Out of Polymer Clay

small clay yoda

When I went to Creativation in January, they gave me white, black, and green (pistachio, they say) Sculpey Souffle clay. Of course, I thought of Yoda. They also gave me some great polymer clay tools, shown above.

I kept our Yoda easy to make. Here’s what you need to do:

How to Make a Polymer Clay Yoda

Getting Started

  • Assemble your tools. I used a clay roller, slicer blade, and detail tool. You can find all of these tools in the Sculpey Essential Tool Kit.
  • Knead and roll all of your clay before beginning. It will be easier to work with.

Make Yoda’s Head

  • Roll a ball for the head.
  • Elongate the bottom of the head to form a neck.
  • Use the detail tool to draw a face and those lines on the head. Now set the head aside.

Make and Attach the Ears

This is the trickiest part, which is why I included so many photos above.

  • Roll out a small oval.
  • Cut the oval in half.
  • Roll the longer edges to create triangular rolled ears.
  • Attach the ears to Yoda’s head.

Yoda’s Body

  • I mixed a small amount of white clay with the black to create Yoda’s body, which is a rolled cone-like shape where the top of the cone has been flattened out.
  • Attach Yoda’s head to his body

Yoda’s coat and hands

  • Roll the clay out flat using the clay roller.
  • Slice a rectangle to create most of the coat.
  • Wrap the coat around Yoda’s body, leaving an opening in the front.
  • Cut out a smaller piece and form that into a hood shape. Attach it to the back of the coat.
  • Use your fingers to roll two thin ovals of green clay to form Yoda’s hands.
  • Using the clay roller, make two rectangles of white clay.
  • Wrap the white clay rectangles around the green ovals, leaving some of the green oval at one end as hands. These are Yoda’s arms and hands.
  • Attach to Yoda’s body.

Making Yoda’s Feet

  • Roll out a long thin green snake of clay.
  • Divide into four longer pieces and two shorter pieces. The shorter pieces will form Yoda’s middle toes.
  • Roll the ends of both long pieces into a point. Roll one end of the shorter pieces into a point.
  • Place the shorter pieces in the center of the longer pieces. Bend the longer pieces in front.
  • Attach the feet to the base of Yoda’s body so that only the toes are showing.

Bake Yoda according to package instructions. Let him cool, and take him on some great adventures!

polymer clay yoda

I’d love to see photos if you use this tutorial to make a polymer clay Yoda. Actually, any kind of clay works, even play dough! Share your photos on my Facebook page, or tag me on Instagram

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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