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DIY Light-up Christmas Cards

These DIY Light-up Christmas cards are easy and fun to make. A wonderful STEM themed Christmas activity for kids!

Christmas STEM light up cards tutorial

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DIY light-up Christmas cards are easy to make, and they double as a great STEM engineering exercise for your kids! I first learned about paper circuits a few months ago, when AgIC sent me their light-up card starter kit to play with. We put together the cute birthday card that comes in the kit and then it went back on the shelf for a few months. School was starting, there was a lot going on, and I didn’t have a project in mind. Then I started seeing Christmas lights and I knew what I wanted to make with the kids!

DIY Christmas LED card are easy make, and a great introduction to STEM circuits engineering for your kids!

DIY Light-up Christmas Cards Tutorial

paper circuits educational STEM fun for kids

We pulled out our circuit pen and paper and drew a simple circuit, then added the batteries and LEDS (this link goes to more graceful LEDs that have since been developed by AgIC. Quick safety note: button batteries are not toys. Swallowing them is very dangerous. Please watch your kids carefully if they are involved in a project like this, and store them out of reach of children.

STEM crafting: DIY light-up card

The kids were super excited to see all the lights lit up once we had everything put together! We drew and colored a simple tree to create this fun DIY light-up Christmas card!

These DIY light-up Christmas cards are easy to make and a great STEM engineering exercise for your kids!

This kit is a very fun basic introduction to circuits for kids! If you are looking for another easy circuit building activity, try our light-up bugs – they use regular C batteries! The Snap Circuits LIGHT set (affiliate link) is a wonderful low-supervision way for kids to explore lights and circuits in more depth. We have three different Snap Circuits sets, and the LIGHT set is everyone’s favorite!

My kids are loving this type of engineering activities lately! Do you have one that we should try next? This light-up Thanksgiving turkey circuit craft from Left Brain Craft Brain is pretty adorable!

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